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Just wanted to say...... - Carers UK Forum

Just wanted to say......

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
To all the former carers who may be lurking about the forum that I am thinking about you all at this difficult time of year.

For some it may be your first festive season without your loved one, and that is so hard to bear. Just remember they are with you in your heart and in your head and remember the happier times you have had together in previous years.

For others Christmas will just never be the same again following a bereavement, in my case my Grandad who died on Christmas eve when I was 11, but over time we learn to get on with life and get over (or cope with better) the sorrows brought to us.

Sending you ((HUGS)) and warm wishes and hope your burden of grief will ease with each passing year.

Take care
That was beautiful Meg, it meant so much to me reading it, your words and
thoughts have helped me, and I'm sure the other former carers will feel the same way
when they read it.
I am finding this Christmas very hard. I will keep your post in my head over the coming
Minnie Image
Thank you Minnie, and those of you who have sent PM`s.

I can only say what I feel in my heart.

Take care
Thanks meg and Christmas greetings to all former carers and people still caring out there. I'm doing my best to celebrate with all the rellies and quietly disappearing for a moment of silence and the odd tear. The memories do help but I keep expecting to see her any moment. Much love and hugs to you all and hope for the future, Solange
Thoughts and prayers with you

x x
Meg...sorry only just read this. I'm one of the "lurkers" and would like to thank you so much for your words. It is the second year now since my dear Miss Daisey who was the last of my "parents" to pass away. I admit when this happens you do feel a bit like an orphan and I am so very, very, very grateful for all the kindness and friendship I have found on the forum.

Thank you again Meg, and hugs to others who are struggling with a lonely Christmas.

Bell x