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Am I still a carer? Mother in home now - Carers UK Forum

Am I still a carer? Mother in home now

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Am I still a carer mother in a home now?

Nearby which is good. Well looked after there. She seems a bit bewildered as to why she is there. Wants to go home she is not keen on just sitting, reading magazines I said make sure you walk about.

My uncle thought she seemed much better since when he last saw her, about 3 weeks before, I thought so too, brighter in her face. They are keeping her clothes clean, which mum and I found hard (with her prolapse. )

The Home manager told me the other day, she needs personal care, 24/7. Not much chance of going home...

She has a rectal prolapse and bipolar v
Undergoing a social care assessment, she does own her own house.
Hi Louisa
When my late husband needed 24/7 care I considered myself a care manager ( after advice from the forum) Checked on his well being, his needs, and care. A few times it was needed, is , not cutting up his meat when he only had the use of one hand, his favourite throws used by other residents keeping an eye on his clothing. I feel you will want to do this too when possible. Took Hubby a while to settle. He had vascular dementia, strokes and other issues.
Louisa, make sure you read up about NHS Continuing Healthcare, which would be entirely FREE, but it's a postcode lottery I'm afraid. Look for the CHC Framework on the internet. Definitely still a carer in many ways, my mum needed different support once in residential care. New nighties, magazines, books, fresh flower, favourite talc etc. etc.
Hi. I am experiencing similar to you. Mum went for emergency respite nearly 3 weeks ago and it doesn’t look like she can cope going back to flat.
When I asked the home how the assessment was progressing I was shocked to learn that they had not heard from social worker.
Mum doesn’t ask about going home. She does get upset when I visit
it’s a different type of caring now
Hi. I have been caring for my 98 year old mom for many years, but she is in respite care at the moment, because things got desperate for both of us. Social Services have arranged care for her at home, 4 visits a day.

I havn't been able to visit mom for over two weeks because the home has been in lockdown, but in my opinion mom isn't ready to go home.

I am feeling overwhelmed at the moment. Mom desperately wants to come home, I do understand.

Should I address my concerns to Social Services or the home?

I feel guilty as they are all doing their best to care for mom, but I am not ready for this change.
Social Services should be talking to you, as carer, BEFORE any decisions are made. Surely at 98 it's blindingly obvious that she is nearing the end of her life and her needs are going to increase and increase until she dies???

Can I ask how old you are?

You have an absolute right to choose not to care.