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Just an update - Carers UK Forum

Just an update

For anyone who is bereaved or no longer providing care.
Hello Everyone,
Now things have settled, I can let you all know that Mum is doing well in her new home, and I too am in a new home in Penge. A one bed studio flat instead of the three bedroom house I couldn't manage. The tenancy issue was resolved, in that I was given official permission to stay until they found a place, which I liked, then a tenancy agreement could be, and in my case was on the first offer, drawn up. The Housing Officer did everything because of my circumstances of living in my Mother's house. I was chauffered to view this flat, and my furniture move was arranged and financed by the Housing Association. They even sorted out my Housing and Council Tax Benefit forms. I filled them in and they sent them off. I cannot thank the Housing Officer enough for going above and beyond the call of duty with the help I received. I cannot promise that others in my position will get the same treatment as I did, but if you get as low as I did, don't hide your feelings from the authorities that you need help from. I did find lots of things trying to block me from, but it came down to the fact that there is a limit to what you can do. In my case, I think they already had a family ready to move into my house, so they almost moved heaven and earth to get me out when they needed to. Prior to that, nothing was apparent that they were doing anything. Sometimes, when all avenues are exhausted, don't be frightened to stop and just wait. Use that time to reenergize, and wait for the ball to come back into your court. I hope all this makes sense. Please feel free to correct me if you disagree. I just hope someone will benefit from my experience. Take care, Brian
I am so pleased that it has worked out well for you and your mother, Brian Image .
That is brilliant news Brian. I am so pleased that it all came right for you in the end Image
so glad everything worked out so well for you
Nice to hear some good news, Brian.
Brilliant news Brian.
Oh, I'm so pleased for you, Brian Image You have a new life to start now! ....if you have time, please drop in from time to time to let us know how you are doing - would love to hear.
Something has just sprung to mind - a saying.....that applies to you ...
"what goes around, comes around" xx