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SW Closed Our Personal Budget! - Carers UK Forum

SW Closed Our Personal Budget!

All about money

Just received a letter as currently going through the complaints process at stage 2. I missed an appointment with a social worker and they both with their manager agreed to close our file down in June 2019! I had no knowledge of this they did not call or send a letter out to inform me. I received a letter yesterday to tell me any correspondance sent after June 2019 was binned or as they call it set aside!

They binned my complaint, they binned my registration documents, timetable and requests. They also refuse to believe there is a complaint that was upheld by me to a social work manager saying it was an INFORMAL complaint not formal!

They deny calls were made when I showed them SAR info they are dening everything! They mentioned a social work manager doesn't have the capability to raise and approve complaints! its a seperate department?

They took 2 1/2 months to reply after constantly calling and emailing them for a response now they claim is was unavailabilty of staff who do reviews and pinged in the festive season as result for exceeding their deadlines?

They claim that your using your POA over someone as an opinion not a fact based on needs? They think your abusing the system having your own opinion on what option to choose!

They claim I'm literally refusing to do a new assessment as I pointed out legislation that states a new assessment is not required switching options 2 to 1?

They claim there was so meeting or agreement that took place outside their office!

Absolute joke social work is not all departments but the departments that deal with direct payments and care packages an investigation needs to be done but no one will ever imo.

Don't know if this would help anyone but i hope I have better luck with the ombudsman to overturn this decision and reinstate my brothers personal budget on option 1 and pay us compensation for distress and loss of time.
Short of waiting for a response from the LA and Social Care Ombudsman ... CAB ?

I will assume employing a solicitor specializing in such matters is out of the question ?
You or your brother might be entitled to Legal Aid for this, depending on your financial circumstances.

I'm constantly complaining about Hampshire's treatment of me and my son, but I've never seen anything like what you are describing.
Do you have copies of what you sent?

Now is the time to make a "Subject Access Request" to the LA, asking for copies of everything they have written about you on your files.
They have to provide this in 30 days, or you can complain to the Information Commisisoner.
Make sure you ask for a PRINTED version, to make their lives as difficult as possible.
I'm considering going down the legal route depending on the 13 week wait time for the ombudsman. Your unable to make a claim to the ombudsman unless you've completed stage 2 and its not in court already.

Court cases usually last 2-3 years due to 1-2 staff available (thats the reality I'm telling you). I do have the mental strength and some money for it to be honest I think I have a good case and evidence.


That's what I sent to them the SAR they are dening calls, meetings, complaints raised, paperwork sent in was actually paperwork sent in ERROR and returned as garbage basically. After calling them approx 40-50 times over a 1.5 year period and sending several letters they deem that as YOU HAVE CHOSEN NOT TO HAVE AN ASSESSMENT AND CHOSEN TO DISENGAGE FROM SOCIAL SERVICES contact the duty team for a new assessment! We've been on a waiting list for 9 months!