Playing the Waiting Game

All about money
I am waiting to hear from the PIP office about my request for a reconsideration in J's case. They sent him a letter saying they hadn't received written evidence from him and to please send it by 12th May. I am his appointee and am wondering why they sent him the letter. I had already sent a letter giving the evidence - I was greatly helped by a worker at the local Citizens' Advice Bureau. Our letters must have crossed in the post. I would love to send them a letter - ' You asked me to send evidence......I haven't heard from you....please reply by.....' or something like that.

The last time I tried to send this message I was informed that I couldn't post in this forum, so in case this happens again I'll save my post, but I'm hoping it does go through ok.

Send everything Special Delivery so you know it arrives the following day and is signed for. Too much money is at stake not to.