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Carers allowance question - Carers UK Forum

Carers allowance question

All about money
I am a carer who was looking after a very ill gentleman for a number of years,known him for over 40 years as was a family friend and he himself had no family,a few months back he went in hospital for around 25 days then he came out for a day,then had to return to hospital due to a relapse,this time for around 32 days then he was discharged and returned home for around a week before returning to hospital for 2 days where he died.

Whilst in hospital which was around 30 miles away,i was running his errands,affairs,paperwork,liasing with doctors,on his condition who had said he had at best 3-6 months to live when intially admitted,was meeting with social workers too and as part of his care package on discharge(which kept changing due to his condition)

Intially i thought i was allowed 12 weeks of CA,if a person is in hospital and had got to wrapped up in it all to let them know as i was nowhere near that time,upon now looking into it more,it seems like its only 4 weeks.

I informed the CA he had passed away and they were asking questions re hospital stays and may make enquiries at the hospital,i did'nt have dates or know the exact times he was in at the time as i was'nt expecting those type of questions and had so much on my mind as i am having to organise things like death certificates,town hall,social fund for him as he did'nt have much money in order to bury him,tell his friends,undertakers...the list is never ending and am really feeling the strain,stressed etc as no-one else is able to help me as he had no family....very hard to actually grieve with everything going on.

I know none of that is taking into consideration by CA,was just giving some background....

Can anybody tell what to expect from this?i have so much on my mind and at my wits end with worry now about this and with the death very recent its soul destroying.
Very sorry to hear of your loss.
Sorry, I don't know the answer, I suggest you try Carers UK helpline - contact details on the main website. If you cant get through right away email them and they will get back. Please don't worry about it too much, it is all very stressful but it will all sort itself out in the end for better or worse, and there isn't much else you can do except explain that you will get back to them in due course once the hospital has provided you with the information which you don't have,
tel: 0808 808 7777.
email: advice@carersuk.org
Thanks for the advice,think its them enquiring about the hospital dates not me,i roughly know what they are.

I may email or ring carers uk like you say in due course once am thinking a bit more clearly.
Good luck with it all. Carer’s allowance can continue to be paid for up to 8 weeks after the person you care for has died, so you might be OK.
They will probably ask for it to be repaid weekly, bit by bit.