Confusion over Carers Allowance/Income Support

All about money
I claim Carers Allowance which is about £59 and income support on top which is about £44 a week. The Income Support is paid two weeks in areers.

I received a letter from DWP to say that from April 2013 (odd as it's May now) I will be getting £19.45 a week Income Support due to me claiming Carers Allowance.

When I went to a claim interview in February, where I got lots of back pay, I was told that there is enhancements such as a Severe Disability Premium as my partner is on middle-rate DLA and ESA. (I care for him), Plus there was a disability premium as I am on low-rate DLA.

This has confused and worried me, as we need the money to live and pay towards bills.

Is this an oversight which has been sent in error, do I have to pay the backpay back and what happens with the amount of money as this has worried me?
You probably need to contact Citizens Advice bureau for advice about your specific situation.I think they calculate how much you and your partner need to live on as a couple,add on enhancements for disability or caring,then deduct some of that,Carers Allowance and possibly ESA(they used to with Incapacity Benefit, I don't know about this benefit now).DLA is not means tested, so that is not taken into account.
The benefits are worked out as a joint application for income support.
A lot of things have changed though, since April this year with DWP so it will be worth going to CAB,as the information I have given you may be completely wrong now.
no it is right they take it off you as you claim income support even if your partner claimed they would take some off due to the carers allowance make sure you get all your premiums your entitled to