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JSA to ESA advice. - Carers UK Forum

JSA to ESA advice.

All about money
My friend has been on JSA for a while, and has regularly attended Job centre as requested. Sadly last week at the age of 30 she suffered a stroke, blood clots & after a body scan they have found a tumour which will need radiotherapy.
We called into Job centre to ask advice, they sd she would be taken off JSA and would need to complete form for ESA.
However as my friend is unable to communicate fully at present, how would we go about completing the form.
Can her Mother do it ? Would we need Power of Attorney ?
Anyone been in this situation before ??
The money is not important at the moment, but long term it will obviously help, I presume it would be backdated ??
We are trying to take any stress of my friend by sorting things out for her, but we don't know where to start ??
Thank You :(
So sorry to hear of the dreadful blow fate has dealt your friend.
I cannot help with your query as no experience but I would have thought that if your friend can communicate at all, then the form could be filled in for her and an independent witness testify (by signature) that she has indicated her agreement. However I may be completely wrong.
If you copy your post as an e-mail to the 'Help' on this site, they will probably give you a better answer.
Hi Gemini Man, I think the easiest short term solution would be for you to become her "DWP Advocate". Google this fore more info. When my mum was in hospital and very ill, she needed to sign a Power of Attorney. The medical staff were not allowed to act as witness, but one of the hospital managers witnessed it. As long as your friend can communicate in some way, even if it's just blinking her eyes, or thumbs up, that should be OK. If you are permitted to be appointee, you will need to set up a separate bank account, in YOUR name, for the benefits, but they must all be spent properly on her. Hope that helps. I've been appointee for three different relatives.
Spoke to Jobcentre advisor today, it should be a case of moving from JSA to ESA. Forms have been completed & sent to DWP.
Have arranged for my friends Mum to be her DWP Advocate, and we need to get MED10 form from Hospital Dr.
They have discussed moving her to a place that can focus on helping her recover from the stroke, and to treat her Chemotherapy as an Out Patient.
Would anyone have any further advice, or do we wait.
Just worried we might have forgotten something.
Thank You :)
Don't forget to apply for pip.