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Work-focused Interview

All about money
Honestly, you've gotta laugh at these jokers at Jobcentre plus! After 9 and a half years of being the sole, full-time carer for my Dad, and now having to take up further caring duties for my adult son, I get a letter telling me a work-focused interview has been arranged for me on 23rd June.

If this wasn't daft enough, on 7th July (yes, 2 weeks later) - I officially become a pensioner!

The amount of money that is wasted by this type of inefficiency is scary - and instead of wasting it on pointless exercises like this, it could be used to top Carer's Allowance and I'm bally well going to tell them that when I speak to them on Monday.
Tell them that you would be very interested in any suitable position they may have, but only temporary jobs. Also that you should be able to find alternative care for your son, and you should be able to start in 3 weeks time. :)
You have to laugh ladybird, otherwise you'd kill someone. It looks like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. You'll have the last laugh and then some! :lol: xx
Brilliant: I know what I would say, but it isn't very printable. :angry:
Hi Ladybird- that did make me laugh- say you can only consider work which will enable you significantly top up your pension pot.
Ladybird, going to PM you.
Oh my, this turned into another incident of me thinking I'd turned into Alice and was disappearing down the hole into DWP Wonderland.

As I can't attend as I'm on respite they re-booked for 9th July. At which time I will be claiming State Pension. So I tell them this but they say I must go as it may affect my benefits. "What benefits?" I say. "Income Support", they answer. "But I won't be on IS on July 9th"...."yes, but you are now"......"I KNOW I am now, but YOU have cancelled my IS from July 1st". ......."I haven't cancelled your IS"......"No, I know YOU PERSONALLY haven't but the DWP have"......."well as soon as we hear from them that they've cancelled it we'll look again at your appointment"....."BUT YOU ARE THEM!!!"....."we're JobCentreplus".........."Yes, I know you are Jobcentreplus... PART OF THE DWP - how your internal procedures work is of no interest to me - DWP have cancelled my IS - you're DWP how can you be waiting to hear from yourselves?"

I knew I was confusing her at this stage but secretly enjoying it ;) ...and then went on to ask first, why the letter says nothing about benefits being affected - just how much they'd love to get me into work or retraining, and secondly, if I attend - as a Pensioner - is there now some obligation for Pensioners to work then?

I could see the whole thing deteriorating into a complete shambles - as if it wasn't already - so emailed my MP.

Now sorted.

Give me strength.....give me lots of it for I have nothing better to do than waste hours on the phone to the dinosaur with no brain who masquerades as the DWP.
Hi Ladybird
I am a new member and I care for my daughter and have been asked to attend a " post work program" as I have now completed my time on the work program! For support in training and or going back into work.! I am also disabled!
Do I have to attend interview? Will they stop my benefit? Thanks
"The computer says........" I will not accept that a computer is always right. Computers depend on people to set them up, and contrary to popular belief, they CAN be changed. I'm currently grappling with the Halifax, my brother died last year in Uruguay. I have yet to persuade them that they have made a series of mistakes. Latest one being that his loan was secured against my house, not his. I wish there was a compensation scheme for those of us wasting hours as a result!