Winter fuel allowance?

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Does anyone know what the income requirement may be set at for eligibility for the revised winter fuel payment please?

I get state pension plus pension from a previous employer
If only we all had a crystal ball- I don't know how we are supposed to vote when they won't tell us what we are voting for.
Colin_1705 wrote:Does anyone know what the income requirement may be set at for eligibility for the revised winter fuel payment please?

I get state pension plus pension from a previous employer
As far as I've been able to find out there are no figures as yet. Although the media has reported widely on the Conservative intention to 'means test' payment of the winter fuel allowance, none of them have quoted a figure. I guess we're just going to have to wait and see whether it's based on income alone or on income + savings.
What's so idiotic about this is that at some point one of the civil servants must have done the sums on how much would be saved by not paying out the allowance to 'some of' the pensioners, and have produced some form of sliding scale, such that if the test is set at £x, then that equates to not paying it to xxx millions/thousands pensioners, thus saving £xxm etc, but if it's set to £y, that equates to not paying it to yyy millions/thousand pensions, thuse saving £yym etc.

So obviously SOMEONE knows what the threshold will (should) be for the savings to be persuasive, otherwise Mrs M wouldn't have come up with the idea in the first place!

The same calculation, of course, must have been done to work out whether the 'free care' threshold can be raised from its current £23,500 etc (ie, how many pensioners now - and later! - will be eligible.)
I do not regard the change from £23,250 but keeping a house, to £100,000 with house potentialy LOST and eaten up as RAISING anything apart from my stress levels. This has been misreported so many times without the implications being made clear.
Wakey Wakey. (sorry not you Jenny-just the public in general)
If you had a house £200.000 and had to pay for care/care in home and could keep £100.000 of it would that mean they want £100.000 whatever you use even if you died within weeks of needing care, or only what you used? And how would it work for a relative carer would they be made homeless if the house has to be sold ? At the moment they would be exempt if over 60
They should send weekly invoices, I would think?

When my auntie went into hospital the social worker asked if she had made a will and whether I knew the details of it
Since, currently, you have to be down to £23,500 in total assets, INCLUDING the house, for my MIL (who is currently burning her way through the value of her sold flat!), any upping of that limit would be welcome. It would be nice if the upper limit clicked in 'right now' in fact, and then she could stop spending her own money on residential care.

As a widow, there was no one else to take half the value of the flat, so the whole lot is going on her care....

I don't know why the government said (if I got this right!) that you wouldn't have to sell your house 'straight away' as you don't have to do that anyway, as I understand it - the LA puts a charge on it to be repaid when they die? Maybe that's not so for couples where only one is in care.
Colin, if your aunt goes into self-funded residential care and lives for a long time her Will will be irrelevant - there won't be anything left for her to leave (other than the £23,500 below the threashold). I've warned my brother in law and son about that already - the most they'll inherit is £11k each!!!
As has been said on another topic - it's pointless speculating and scaring the cr@p out of people until we have more details of the 'small print' :shock: