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pips and carers allowance

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Greetings all I'm new to the site and looking for some advice.
My other half is a carer for her mum. her mum is in receipt of pips payments with the mobility and daily living components, now she has apparently received a letter to say that she has been over paid by around £1000 due to my other half claiming the carers allowance despite her not living with her. Now she currently lives in sheltered housing and the social workers there are are telling her this is due to her getting the daily living component and this is supposed to pay for a carer to help her and apparently this is being reduced due to the carers allowance. Apologies for the essay and if it doesn't make sense let me know and I will try to explain any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards

Chris, welcome to the forum. There are lots of people here who are caring for elderly parents. If you click on "Help and Advice" - the red tab at the top of the page, there's lots of information about Carers Allowance. If your wife meets the criteria, then she is entitled. Has she had a letter explaining why she isn't entitled any more? If so, either ring the Carers UK helpline, who know the rules better than the DWP at times (personal experience); or go to the CAB or a Disability Benefits office - not the DWP's!!!
Thanks for the reply, sorry my explantion isnt very good she is still entitled to the carers allowance however it's apparently being taken off her mum's pips payments but I didn't think this was right, thanks I'll give them a call much appreciated.