Will carers allowance now go up?

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Will carers allowance, now go up? Everything else goes up. Many carers, like myself cant go out to work. Fuel bills go up , food goes up. but us poor carers suffer. WHY ? ? Regards Amanda h
I've just received a letter stating it's £62.10 from 11th April 2016, so the answer seems to be 'no'.

Life is weird. I've been working all my life and because I have a bit squirrelled away all I am entitled to is £62.10 a week. It's a complete joke.
I heard it will be frozen this year- so will the earnings limit.
The rick get ricker and the poorer get poorer, simple as that with these cons in government, and the cons think we are all in it together, but the poorer are in it more than some. :(
I wish some of these MP s would spend a day in my home to see exactly what a carer gets up to !! Its not a bed of Roses at all. Regards Amanda h
There treating us rotten this government is
If the Mp s just would spare a day or two in each home to see what us carers do they would be amazed. Its really tough going. The Rich get richer & never mind about the rest of us. It really make s me so annoyed. Regards Amandah
Well maybe if the English hadn't voted them in us Scots who didn't vote for them wouldn't be suffering as well! At least you got what you voted for. We didn't and won't until we get independence.

Hi Eun ,i didn't vote them in and the majority of English people didn't either .
Actually, Eun, the SNP has said that - if they are still in power after the Scottish election in May - Carers Allowance will rise to the level of Jobseekers Allowance.