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Direct Payments new guidance

All about money
I was told recently that my son's funding must only cover respite/PA or day centre and his previous allocated funds for Art materials are not allowed under new guidance. The problem is his PA used to work with him doing Art as it's one of his strengths and being ASD he doesn't socialise. I can't really afford the cost of Art materials, so no point in having a PA to just come round and sit with him, but also it was something he really enjoyed as a leisure activity and helped with his anxiety. Apparently they have received guidance from governement saying they must no longer fund leisure materials or one off payments for that kind of thing.
Does anyone know what this guidance is? It's always been hard trying to make the SS fund meet the needs of ASD but will be pretty impossible if we can't use them in a way that's meaningful for the disabled person.
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Hi Vicky, M is on Direct Payments, as yet I haven't heard anything about new guidance. I don't like having to organise yet more things, but I do find DP's mean that we can do more varied things. If I take him away, I can't use DP's to pay myself, but I can use it to rent accommodation for him and me, as his carer. This is funded by using the money usually spent on travelling. He gets extra DP funded hours just so he can come home and work with his brother on our steam engines (I'm widowed, we own a steam roller and traction engine). His brother is a time served engineer, so he looks after the engines, I can steer both of them, in fact I used to steer the steam roller with a baby in a baby sling on my front, but I'm absolutely no good at engineering. When I went to a presentation about DP's I thought it sounded too good to last.
There are people needing disability equipment such as hoists, electric beds etc who can't get them. People who also need physiotherapy and can't get it. Perhaps the government are clamping down on these extraneous sorts of things so that there will be more funding available for needs such as those? There would be no point in giving us money for respite for example as suitable palliatve care young adult respite simply does not exist. Our sole help in caring for an extremely physically disabled young man (29 years old tomorrow!) who is almost fully ventilator dependent is 16 hours a week - this consists of 2 one hour showers and 2 hours of a morning to get him out of bed, washed, dressed and into his wheelchair. Our SW dept would consider art materials to be a frivolous waste of money. Its so strange how things are so different around the country isn't it? I think what will happen is that instead of trying to improve things to the standards of the better councils, they will lower things to that of the most badly performing and put the type of restrictions our council place on us on to everybody

Vicky, ask them for a copy of the new guidance they're referring to, make a written request citing the Freedom of Information Act if necessary (you'll find the details on the Information Commissioner's Website).
I'll be interested in their reply. I tried to find new regulations on Google last night, without success. I think I'm right in saying that where there is an assessed need, then the council have to meet that need, unless a new assessment shows that the need no longer exists.
I cant find any info on this as yet either, just the new guidelines that came out March this year re the NHS Direct Payments/Personal Budgets. It is confusing when different bodies use the same terminology.
Will ask on twitter as many social workers on there.

I think it may be as Eun says, things like hoists etc, so fine, they should say so, what I object to is SS being able to say they have made a fund available that wasn't used and then re-claim it back at the end of the year, nothing worse than someone saying they do something, taking credit for it when they are not. Disability takes many different forms and my understanding was DP's should meet the specific needs of the person receiving them, if they don't exist for ASD or any non physical disability then we should know.
I certainly haven't found them to flexible even at the change over to adult services because whatever the amount allocated it's written down precisely how it should be spent, that sounds fine in the face of it but a figure for breaks and holidays is meaningless for someone with ASD and severe social phobia as he isn't going to go anywhere by definition of his specific problems.
However in this case receiving Art tuition [musn't say therapy, that's not allowed] is respite but he needs materials to work with.
Edited to ask Eun if they actually write respite into her sons DP's because my sons always has short breaks written and respite written into his which have never been asked for, never taken and makes no sense but the money is allotted, sent to Indpendent Living to manage and then taken back again every year!
Hi Vicky
My son doesn't get a Direct Payment. They said if we wanted one it had to be all or nothing. There wasn't enough money available to cover all my sons needs (it was going to be something like £500 a week short so we decided that the hassle of administering it wasn't worth it. He cannot get access to the Independent Living fund as it is closed to new claims. There is no money allocated to him for respite (suitable respite care does not exist) or indeed anything else except his personal care of 2 workers for 2 hours a day to get him up and washed, dressed and into his wheelchair. He also gets 2 workers for 2 one hour showers a week. Thats it. His dad and I do everything else. I am also disabled with the same condition as my son although my case is not as advanced as his. Postcode lottery as usual!

I have chatted with social workers, people with disabilities that access DP's, researchers...all via Twitter. No one has heard of any changes.
Sounds like someone is telling Porky Pies then. Is this really how low Social Services are stooping now?!