Waiting for desicion on Carers Allowance

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Hi everyone, :)

I applied for carers allowance on the 26th May but have had no reply, is there an email address I can contact them with in England ? I've tried repeatedly to phone them but it seems hopeless, I was on hold the other day for 35 minutes :shock: .
Hoping you can help, Isabell.
Couldn't find an email address, only this


it has been reported by other members that it does seem to be taking longer than usual for claims to be currently processed, anything up to a couple of months. If your claim is approved it will be backdated.
Thank you susieq :D I'll give it a try but I suppose if others are having to wait I'll have to take my turn.
I waited 4 1/2 months but got it backdated.
Just wanted to update this for anyone else waiting for a decision, got my letter today, it took 7 weeks which I suppose isnt to bad considering other peoples experiences, also got it backdated. I'm guessing my hubby will lose some of his PIP but at least I "exist" now :D