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Does anyone know how we can get a volunteer to visit my parents to give my dad a break from caring for my mum?
Hi. I don't know what area of the country you live in. I live in Kent and there is carers association that can sit when you're out. I'm not sure how much help they do
Yes first port of call if not already had them - Needs assessment for mum and carers assessment for Dad to acces your local Social Services "Sitting service"
Could also try Age UK, local churches and if Dad has even been in the services some military organisations.
This is definitely the time to have a good review of everything, both Social Services, and also on the benefits front. Why is a sitter needed, i.e. what danger would they be in without?
Thank you they are based in the borough of Newham and we have been waiting about 3 weeks for social services to arrange an assessment I'm getting worried that the stress of caring for my mum is exhausting my dad but he's in denial about needing help
What is wrong with mum? How old are both your parents?
Older people can tend to see help as "charity" or a sign that they can't cope, so pride gets in the way. For this age group, it often helps to say that they've been paying towards their elderly care for years through tax and NI contributions. Also helps to say that the more help they get the longer they can live comfortably in their own home.
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I know the area quite well and knowing what I do of London boroughs and the pressures on them, I suspect the care assessment may not be too fast. Depends what is wrong with mum. If she has dementia or any form of memory issues, I believe there is a memory cafe in Stratford which might be a possibility. Try contacting Daniel.Fredriksson@alzheimers.org.uk. If he can't help, he may be able to put you in touch with someone who can. If it is a physical issue with mum, then Newham Carers may be able to pinpoint local services (newhamcarers.org.uk).

Good luck, Anne
Thank you in reply to Anne we have been to memory cafe but they have changed venues and it hasn't been easy to get her there! I am in contact with Daniel so I will contact him again and see what he can advise! Mums dementia is deteriorating and sleep is very poor now!! I will also try some of the other organisations mentioned