Hello All,

i'm new to all this so please bear that in mind and i will try to get my question across as plainly as i can...

For the past 18 months or so i have been caring for my elderly mum , but recently her health got worse and she became bed bound and was taken into a nursing home 2-3 weeks ago ...social worker informed me that for mum's best health benefits she should stay in this nursing home of which mum has to pay out of her pension she gets ..and that means i have to move out of family home as it will be sold as i was living with mum to look after her

and my question is this..... do i tell job-centre that my carers allowance should be stopped asap ( as soon as she was admitted into nursing home ? )
or do i call carers freephone number and explain this to them ...who do i inform ? both places ?

..i've been so stressed and mentally worn out over the last month or 2 time has flew past and i am now worried/stressed DWP will ask me why i didn't inform them sooner bout mum going into nursing home and the way DWP are bout getting money back from you that you shouldn't have gotten , well they don't waste time getting it back off you anyway they see fit.....and that is scaring the crap out of me that i may be prosecuted for not informing them sooner
i'm having sleepless nights because of this and because social worker says that i did a lousy job letting mums health deteriorate so badly...i mean i couldn't have force fed her but i knew she was hiding food in her bed and cupboards when she said she had ate all the food i cooked for her her gp was aware of this and her condition ...

( as before i was a carer for mum all benefits were stopped because lack of NI contributions from 6 yrs ago and was informed by letters last year that because of that i will not be entitled to any benefits , as i had none for the 9 months prior to registering looking after mum )

i am sorry if this seems more like a ramble but i only just found this site and what it can offer as i have felt so isolated mentally burnt out that i thought i was having a breakdown..and couldn't get anyone to understand the impact this is having on me