Very worried.

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My daughter who is a carer has the same worry. She is caring for her husband and also has to look after two twins. I help her out as much as I can, recently bought her a new pram, luckily got a good bargain. Money is becoming more and more tight and it is becoming more and more difficult to survive, sadly.

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Sajehar wrote:Hi David C

I emailed the Labour party, last Sunday evening) about your fears over L also intend instigating tory benefit cuts, as follows (no idea where the “This email originates....” bit came from. It wasn’t in my original email, but under Labour’s reply where they replicated my original email.)

"This email originates external to The Labour Party network "

Dear Sir or Madam

Is it true that Labour are planning to stick with the benefit cuts that the tories have/wish to instigate?
If so, what cuts and why?

I have no money to give the Labour party, only time. This is a question I keep being asked on the doorstop. I need answers ASAP to give to potential Labour voters.

Yours sincerely

Labour party reply back (Yesterday at 1.14pm) from

Dear X ,

The Tories are failing to support working people.

They are pressing ahead with huge cuts to Universal Credit which will hit working people hard - some families will be an average of £2,600 a year worse off.

Low wage and insecure employment has grown dramatically under the Tories, with real wages forecast to remain below their 2008 levels until at least 2021.

The so-called ‘National Living Wage’ is not a real Living Wage and does not compensate for cuts elsewhere. The Government was forced to admit it won’t hit £9 an hour by 2020, as previously promised. This will leave a full-time worker on the National Living Wage over £1,300 worse off by 2020.

Labour believes the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) is not fit for purpose. Over half of assessment decisions taken to appeal are being overturned. Labour will scrap the WCA and replace it with a system based on personalised, holistic support.

Labour has won important victories against this Tory Government on tax credits and Personal Independence Payments, and there is so much more we can achieve to make a real difference to people's lives.

Labour will invest in the high-skill, high-wage jobs of the future so that work always pays.

Labour will write a real living wage into law, so everyone will earn enough to live on.

Labour will stand up for working people and build a fairer economy for the future that works for all, so that no one and no community is left behind.

Labour relies on its activists and supporters to spread the Labour message – together we can ensure a Labour government is elected on the 8 June. To lend a hand in the campaign, please visit To sign-up to lend a hand on polling day, please visit

Best wishes,

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Hope this is of use to you. I’ve canvassed a couple of times on behalf of my dad’s Labour MP. She’s very good (I’ve used her a couple of times) and way better than that awful Ester McVile she supplanted in 2015. However, she only has a 429 voter majority, so it’s a real swing constituency.

Regarding tactical voting, I’d rather not. But given our First past the Post voting system, then often one has no choice but to vote tactically.
For instance, I cannot vote in my dad’s constituency as I’m registered in Liverpool so I shall be voting Green instead of Labour. Why?
Because although I have a good Labour Co-op MP (I’ve used her as well many times over the years) she has such a huge majority (20,000+) that there’s no chance of her being booted out.
So I’m voting Green in order that a) Labour do not become complacent and b) I don’t want the Green candidate to lose their deposit!
Hi Sajehar ,just seen this ,Googled JAMS to find out what it meant .
All very well what labour have in the manifesto ,will they carry it out if they get in .