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£27.3 million Family Fund - Carers UK Forum

£27.3 million Family Fund

All about money

Parents of children and young adults who are disabled or seriously ill will be able to apply for a share of the £27.3 million Family Fund, the Government announced today as it continues its commitment for two years. Family Fund, the UK’s largest grant giving charity, is designed to make life easier for low-income families with disabled and seriously ill children and young people. The money can be used for days out, garden play equipment, computers, toys and kitchen appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. The fund helped more than 50,000 families in England last year, from a total of £27 million. The fund is now in its 40th year. Applications can be submitted at any time.

You also have to inform DWP if you get a grant from them,apparently,so I don't know if it affects means tested benefits now.(my daughter recently had a phone interview and one of the questions she was asked was whether she had had a grant from the Family Fund,(she hasn't,so I don't know the rules).
It would be typical if they did though, Lazydaisy
This is a wonderful organisation, we were very grateful for the help the Fund gave us when M. was growing up, because I couldn't work and help the family income. I often pass on information about the FF.
Rob, I have moved this thread to this section so as to be more visible to members

I used to get some great things from them but when Sarah turned 18 it all stops ans you cant apply
Carers in Scotland can now access the new "Take a Break" fund, administered by the Family Fund Trust. It isn't means tested, and you don't have to tell the DWP. Grants of up to £500 are available for holidays, equipment and breaks for children aged from 0-20 yrs: see: http://www.takeabreakscotland.org.uk
(Please note this is breaking news, the website hasn't announced it yet, but you might as well apply now)
Shame that's not in England Image

said in my carers mag it's England Image
The family fund in England only goes up to 18 year olds