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URGENT - MPs to debate carers on Thursday - Carers UK Forum

URGENT - MPs to debate carers on Thursday

All about money
Following Carers Week, a debate on carers will take place in the House of Commons on Thursday 20th June

Full details can be found here and you will be able to watch it LIVE via this link http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Playe ... ngId=13245

It is vital you contact your MP , http://www.theyworkforyou.com/ ask them to attend - and raise any/all issues that you are concerned about. Time is of the essence, so it may be worth phoning their office and following up with an email outlining your worries.

Questions can be asked on benefits, juggling work and care, social care, support from the NHS and all the other policy areas which affect carers.

http://www.carersuk.org/newsroom/our-ca ... ers-debate
Done my e mail to our local MP - hope he takes the time to read it, I've detailed our own situation, how long I have been caring and how much I have potentially saved the country by doing so for the last 10 years , brief details of how we have felt let down by the NHS on occasions and on how difficult it is to get a satisfactory answer on occasions from Social Services............ Lets watch this space hey guys xxxxxxxxxx
If anyone watches this live but does not use likes of twitter, feel free to add any comments here too.

Done Image Made reference to the extra stress and anxiety on carers re benefit reforms especially PIP (if your caree does not meet the standard care criteria, you won't get carers allowance) and the farce of ESA and appeal.
Done with particular reference to dementia patients treatment in hospitals.
Just got hubby back to 'normal' after 8 weeks in hospital where he was not eating/drinking, could not walk and became incontinent.
Thought he was dying in there in fact.!!!!!
Done! I don't hold out much hope as ours is Conservative and very anti carers and disabled in fact I cant stand the man and it killed me to email him lol
Hi all

watched the debate on tv - it was pitiful that there were only a handful (about 8 coalition MPs & about 10 Labour & others).

All agreed that more needs to be done to support carers, a couple highlighted the idiocy of bedroom tax for couples who cannot share a room and who need an overnight carer.

Barbara Keeley spoke very passionately about the need to support people like us & how caring can & does affect our physical & mental health & how we save the government over £1billion per year. She told Norman Lamb (who was there for a while) that the government is not doing enough.

Made me feel that to all other MP's (& I know some may have had other commitments) we are not worth them going to the debate even though all of them would have carers in their constituencies.

Still I suppose the cause for carers started over 20 years ago with 2 lone voices - perhaps in another 20 years a future government might start appreciating people like us a bit more.