URGENT!! I need help to pay for my hockey club membership!!!

All about money

i play hockey once a week and games on the weekend. The club are constantly chasing me for club membership (which is SO expensive!) ive explained repeatedly that i do not have enough money to pay it but i really don't want to give it up as its my only respite and it makes me feel better physically and mentally. (my autistic wife has even managed to come and watch a few games and hold conversations with other players wives!)

Our income is so low and its all spoken for with rent, bills, food shopping etc.

We get housing benefit which pays half our rent, our joint income support pays the rest of the rent and some of the bills, my wifes PIP pays the rest of the bills and does the shopping. the child benefit pays for our daughters needs. Im saving to learn how to drive so that i can actually get my wife and daughter to appointments, so all my birthday money, christmas money and spare change goes towards that.

I know that there are charities that can help as i know my brothers rugby club got funding for a young player on low income. Ive asked the hockey club repeatedly to look into funding or charity support but i never here back! Can anybody help me?! im at my wits end and terrified that i will have to give it up. My wife is anxious and can sense im worrying and that makes her cry. Please does anyone know where i can get support????
David , What part of the country do you live in ? First port of call should be Social Services Carers Assessment to see if they can offer respite funding. . If by now you are rolling around seeing pigs flying overhead then try searching local charities

I know of one in my are and here is a link

There may be something similar near you - have a search on the turn 2 us website

https://www.turn2us.org.uk/?gclid=EAIaI ... gJL4fD_BwE
Definitely Social Services Carers Assessment. It's good exercise and stress relief.
ive asked our family social worker to arrange another carers assessment for me as i haven't had one since our baby was born and shes 1 now!

Im hoping that because if exercise, and respite that they can help but im not holding my breath as sports funding was listed on their list of things they can do to help.
Hi Azim

You will probably find that some staff working for the agency do enough hours to pay tax and NI and others are part time and pay nothing. Staff typically vary hours and sometimes will be working less hours than other weeks. It is never clear cut but usually the client pays at least twice what the carer earns and the rest goes to things like pension, tax,NINO admin costs and profit. You couldn't reasonably expect the company to say who they pay tax and nino for on their client invoices so be careful before you complain.
im sorry i really don;t understand that last reply?
Sorry David
That wasn't meant for your thread- either me or the forum was getting tied in knots-please ignore it and I will post it again on the correct thread.
Sorry David
That wasn't meant for your thread- either me or the forum was getting tied in knots-please ignore it and I will post it again on the correct thread.
Thats ok it just confused me for a second, i assumed it wasnt meant for this post :)

You need to keep pressure on social services to carry out the carer assessment, and mention the carers budget to them, its often treated as a dirty secret so you need to bring it up else they may not disclose it to you.

Its there for exactly that sort of thing

Small world, I played hockey when I was younger, having said that you'd have an easier time naming sports I wasn't into :)
Too bad ice hockey isn't a "thing" over here

Best wishes