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PIP medical proofs & what to do if you don't have any! - Carers UK Forum

PIP medical proofs & what to do if you don't have any!

All about money
My wife is 64 years old & was awarded DLA lifetime award many years ago & now we have been told that her DLA has ceased & we should apply for PIP instead if we still think we should qualify. I rang the DWP on behalf of my wife & they are sending her the forms in the next few days so no problem there. HOWEVER, they say I should include proofs of my wifes disabilities such as doctors reports, consultants reports, reports from other professional people advising or monitoring her care. BIG PROBLEM!

My wife has co ordination problems & learning difficulties caused by an attack of Meningitis which caused brain injury, made her slightly deaf (but not really a problem), caused co ordination difficulties, made her incontinent. The trouble is, this was many years ago & as you may well know, there is no cure for a brain injury. So when she was released from hospital more than 40 years ago, she never received any follow up treatment because there is nothing they can do to "fix the problem" so she does not have any consultants, care workers or any health care professionals we can contact to request proof of her disabilities. So they ask us to send proofs & we dont have any! We have basically been left alone to get on with things for the last 40 years.
Of course we have a normal GP but even this has changed over the years and we are several GP's down the line since my wife first contracted meningitis which caused her brain injury & nearly killed her.

Will the PIP people accept my word as her primary carer and possibly backed up by my cousin who acts as secondary carer? If not, then I am scared my wife will lose her DLA & not be able to claim PIP just because we dont have a paper trail to prove her disability. I know the PIP test is basically a ticky box test where you either fit the box or else "computer says no" as a well known TV parody portrays. That would be a shocking if the new test which does not have a full medical as the old DLA one did is so flawed so as to exclude her from what she really needs & what used to be a right of all disabled persons.

Here is an example as to how the learning difficulties affect our daily lives in case it might help give you an idea as to what we can expect. My wife has difficulty walking & walks only with the aid of a walking frame. She is prone to bumping into things because she cannot react fast enough. She frequently falls over particularly when turning or deviating from a straight line to avoid obstacles and cannot get up again unaided. She cannot get in & out of bed by herself, we have a large shower cabinet with a small 2 inch step to get into it & my wife cannot get into the shower unaided & cannot shower herself. She cannot get into the loo & turn around & sit down without falling so we have to have a commode next to the bed and next to her high orthopedic chair in the lounge & I have to wipe her backside for her & then empty the commode which is quite often as she also has Diverticulitis which makes things a bit messy. She is urinary incontinent & that just about all the proof we have from the incontinence supply people in the form of monthly delivery notes. She is type 2 diabetic & has high blood pressure and needs around 7 different pills, 4 times a day & she is unable to understand how to take the medicines & in which order & quantity. I have to grind up all the pills into a coctail of powders & then disolve them in boiling water & then flavour with strong orange squash to take the taste away as she cannot swallow them. I have to cook all her meals as she cannot do that & then I have to use a food processor to grind each part of the food into a smooth paste. She has the same normal meal as any non disabled person would have but each portion of the ingredients are made into an adult type smoothie & she eats with a spoon. If you give her normal food cut up she often chokes on it. This is my daily life as a carer & I am supposed to supply DWP with proof from non existent medical doctors, consultants etc?. Basically, we have no proof to give them. My wife has no road sense & you would never be able to leave her to get home alone even in our own town even if she was capable of waking any distance which she certainly is not. I estimate maybe 20 yards would be possible if we were lucky & if she did not fall over.

Do you think I could take my wife to see her own doctor & pay private for a full medical to send to them? I know DWP sometimes check with doctor but I dont think they go into that detail but just check to see if your description of the illness is correct. Would our doctor do that & would it be acceptable to DWP I wonder? Knowing my own medical records and how much got lost or discarded in the change over from paper records to computerised records & how much information was lost I am not sure a basic enquiry would be any good.
Hi Redridge ... an interest one.

More of a question for a disability forum BUT ... the following link with direct you to the BIBLE on PIPs ... in .pdf format :

https://assets.publishing.service.gov.u ... ndbook.pdf

It might be worthwhile bouncing the same question off the Carers Uk Advice team and / or the online advisors on the SCOPE forum.

LInks follow :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... bers-24228

https://community.scope.org.uk/categori ... ut-pip-dla

I hope the above info assists ?
It wont hurt to try....... Thanks Chris.
Your welcome !

Needless to add , PIPs are a minefield as several threads reveal.

On the SCOPE site , there are several " Real beauts " of threads , almost if one was reading dispatches from a war zone !

Don't forget your tin hat !
If she has Mobility as well as Care Components, BEWARE. Once past her 65th birthday she will NEVER be eligible for Mobility again unless she has it before her birthday. Even at 65 and one day she won't get it, but if she has it before 65, she will have it for the rest of her life.
Hi Redbridge,
The assessors may contact the GP for a report on your wife's condition, however the GP's do not always respond in a timely enough manner. I think it is worth talking to the GP, to alert them that. You could be aware a lot of GPs now refuse to do this.

On the application form request that if an interview is required your wife needs it to take place at home, this will be stressful for your wife, but more importantly the assessor will see the set up at home: commodes, chair, frame, wet room ( leave the door open,) etc

I can't remember the time frame for the PIP forms, but you could also request a Needs Assessment from social services as their assessment could be sent off as evidence of your wife's support needs.

Re the interview some of the questions are rather inappropriate ie they asked me how often S saw a doctor for his autism and LD and what treatment he had for it!

He had a lifetime award for DLA and despite the daft questions he was awarded PIP.

Thank you all for your help & advice. First I have decided to take my wife to see her doctor which I have to do anyway as the skin on her legs is breaking down & while there I will ask the doctor for a letter asking for a home visit. Its one thing to get her to the doctors in the next street and quite another to get her to the DWP test centre several miles away. While there I can ask her views on what she thinks she can offer in the way of help or not in the test process. My wife does not take well to changes in her daily routine & gets upset easily. I have told her not to worry as if they try & mess her about I will tell them to go shove their PIP benefit & wont bother. In a way I am lucky in that I have my pension to support us so it wont be the end of the world if we don't get awarded PIP but I will try my best as long as my wife is not badly adversely affected as she certainly should qualify & I feel she should be awarded it on grounds of meeting the level of disability where society even in these less caring times says she should be eligible to help. The old DLA has been very useful in the past to help finance stairlift & various adaptations to the home. I will put the way my wifes disability affects her daily life and see how it goes. In a way its my own fault. Being too independent & never asking for help even though both my own doctor & 3 hospital consultants have told me that the level of care I have to provide for my wife is seriously damaging my own health. maybe if i had been less stubborn & asked for help earlier, then i might have had the paper trail of documents needed to help back up the PIP claim.
Can you claim PIP without medical evidence?
Biieruisa_2106 wrote:
Thu Jul 22, 2021 9:49 am
Can you claim PIP without medical evidence?
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