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Council Tax Exemption or Disregard - Carers UK Forum

Council Tax Exemption or Disregard

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After reading some posts here a while ago regarding severe mental impairment and Council Tax, I contacted the council and asked them about my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2009. I wondered if she might be exempt from the tax altogether. This is part of the letter they sent to me

My records show that you are in recei[p]t of a 50% all resident disregard. 25% has been awarded as Mrs B[...] is SMI
and a further 25% has been awarded as you are her carer, therefore the 50% disregard is correct.

Unfortunately no further discount is applicable.

To me, there seems to be really contradictory information with regard to exemptions and disregards on what I've read and the council's response. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, David
I suggest you ring the Carers UK helpline.

My son gets the SMI exemption, he lives alone, pays nothing.
I thought, but may be mistaken, that when both of you were exempt, you paid nothing.
It would be helpful to others if you could share the response.
Has mum's exemption been backdated to the day of diagnosis?
I phoned the helpline some time ago but they were unsure about this.

According to the Council Tax Bills I'm reading now they were fully "Less Council Tax Benefit" from 2009 until 2013 whereupon reductions came into force.

https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/recla ... ax-rebate/

Clearly explanation in the above link.
Thank you sunnydisposition. According to the link you posted above, the local council here are correct.

But if you look at the leaflet on the .gov site it says you shouldn't pay anything.
Hello bowlingbun

According to our local borough council (from the GOV.UK site) "Council tax benefit has been replaced by the council tax reduction scheme" and it appears this reduction must be paid. So yes, the Government site maintains clearly that people "who are severely mentally impaired are not included when working out Council Tax" but, on following the links, things change.

And I thought the language was quite grey regarding 'discretionary discount'. The line between 'exemptions' and 'reductions' becomes blurred again

"If you are receiving council tax reduction and still have to pay some council tax you may be able to receive further assistance."

Go to the .gov site and look at the " leaflet". What you need is there!
I couldn't access the information on my Hudl, earlier on. Now on my computer, where it was saved. You need to look at the last line of Section 5 regarding disregarded people. It clearly says there is not charge if everyone in the household is disregarded. As mum has SMI and you are not her spouse or parent, you come into this category. I'm no good at links, but you should be able to find this easily, print it off and give it to the council so that they can see for themselves.
I hope this helps others in a similar situation.
The exception from eligibility for parents or spouses is cruel, in my view.
The link information on original post is dated 21 October 2020

Have a look at this one ...

https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-suppo ... tent-start