Claiming CA without telling cared for person

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I am carer to my wife & have been for 8 years. She was on low rate care DLA but is now on enhanced PIP. I only work part time early mornings & my earnings are below limit for carers allowance. My wife, as a result of her stroke, is very hostile towards me. I want to claim CA online but don't want to tell as she says I don't do anything for her &, if possible, she would stop me getting it. We manage on the money we get but the extra CA would make life easier. Does CA department contact her after I've claimed to check?
I'm not sure, but our CUK helpline will know. Send them an EMAIL and they will get back to you. If you send them brief details of your income and savings, they will do a complete benefits check for you, in confidence. They made me £50 a week better off! Have you ever had a Carers Assessment from Social Services? Have Social Services done a Needs Assessment for your wife, perhaps after she left hospital? How old is she? With a few more details we might be able to suggest ways of making life a bit easier for you.
How horrible that she is hostile to you after her stroke! Has it changed her personality so radically, or were there 'issues' (that covers-everything modern word!) beforehand that are now surfacing?

It might be useful to remind her that actually legally you have NO 'duty of care' towards her (or anyone), and that if you wanted, you could walk out, and leave her to her own devices.

Unless her stroke was specifically 'your fault' in some way, I don't get why she is hostile!
Just realised, if she is on PIP she must be under pension age? So sad, but it is NOT fair to take her frustrations out on you. Has anyone offered counselling to either of you?