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UNIVERSAL CREDIT ( UC ) : Rollout Schedule * Mines * Sanctions * Changes * Delays * Reports From Infected Manors - Page 26 - Carers UK Forum

UNIVERSAL CREDIT ( UC ) : Rollout Schedule * Mines * Sanctions * Changes * Delays * Reports From Infected Manors

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Universal Credit loophole closes - 200,000 people to get £350 at their state pension age

UNIVERSAL CREDIT claimants moving off the benefit due to reaching state pension age are set to get a one-off payment of £350 on average, Ministers have announced today.

https://www.express.co.uk/finance/perso ... ges-credit

"As well as for pensioners, Turn2us hopes the department extends this practice of financial relief to also ensure that the millions of people - with little to no income – aren’t left dangling over the five week wait for their first Universal Credit payment.

"The current Universal Credit advances, all too readily offered to claimants to bridge that five week wait, are ill-considered and lumber many people already experiencing financial hardship with unmanageable debt."
Anyone claiming UC ?

If so , updating through your journal online ?

Any relaxations due to Internet access can being restricted ?

Major sources in my area have all now been shutdown.

How the numerous UC claimants are coping without Internet access will be of interest to many reading this thread.
Just checked S's it says,
Coronavirus (COVID-19) is likely to affect many of us in the coming weeks. We will ensure you continue to get your Universal Credit payments, but you must still report changes to your circumstances, via your online account.

You do not need to call us or visit your jobcentre, even if you have an appointment.
Thanks Melly.

Does not cover the situation in many areas where Internet access ... local libraries / cafes / pubs ... has now been shutdown.

How can one update his / her journal ... zero hour contract / ever changing hours of employment perhaps ... WITHOUT access to the Internet ?

Repeat ... several hundred thousand if not low millions times ?
Totally. I don't know how people are supposed to do that.

The other thing that worries me is with all this home working, how safe is everyone's personal data. It would only take a problem with the children off school for a laptop to be left unsupervised - and an unscrupulous family member to access people's private information.

Tried to answer my own question this morning ... phoned the DWP on their freephone number.

Result ?

Gave up ... no option on the pre selected menu ... no capacity to handle general inquiries.

Someone reading this post will have the answer ... ?

Assume no local Internet access no thanks to the lockdown.

How does one update their online journal ... particularly those who have to report irregular earnings frequently ???
Numerous reports today ... both national and local ... of the System in absolute chaos.

As many as 500,000 reported trying to apply / get in contact , either online or through the freephone help line.

Knock on effect with the food banks ... many are turning up somewhat desperate for essentials but without the correct paperwork.

In turn , the food banks are , themselves , desperately low on the essentials no thanks to the present chaos in the supermarket logistics department.

What thousands are doing WITHOUT ready access to the Internet is truly mind boggling.
VERY handy article for all newcomers to UC :

Thousands who don't qualify for government support are being told to turn to benefits: Six things you need to know about Universal Credit

The Government has announced measures to support people's incomes.

Those made redundant and a number of self-employed people are ineligible.

They have been told to sign up to Universal Credit.

Many will not have previous experience of the benefits system.

We reveal six things you need to know, including how much money you can get.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/ ... redit.html

Nearly a MILLION Britons try to claim Universal Credit in just two weeks after huge surge in ex-workers applying for support.

Around 880,000 people applied for Universal Credit in a two week period.

This is significantly above the 100,000 applications normally made in a fortnight.

Labour MP Stephen Timms said some people will struggle to get bare essentials.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... eriod.html

Like the word SOME ... in plain English , how about MILLIONS ?


No doubt , a FREEPHONE number ?
Coronavirus : 1.2 million people have made universal credit claims since UK lockdown began

Sevenfold increase in claims over last three weeks compared to before outbreak of Covid-19

Calls to the DWP’s universal credit helpline soared to 2.2 million on 30 March and totalled 5.8 million over a seven-day period, he told MPs on the work and pensions select committee.

The committee has launched an inquiry into the DWP’s response to the coronavirus outbreak following the increased strain on the system.

It wants to understand how well universal credit is working given the “unprecedented” number of new claimants, whether there have been improvements in the delays faced by claimants in the second half of March, and how quickly people are receiving an advance on their first payment.

Mr Schofield, replying to questions posed before the launch of the inquiry, said 41,000 new claimants were paid an advance in the week beginning 16 March and 72,000 in the following week.

He said he was unable to provide details on claims submitted more recently as they are being processed.

Asked about the average wait before a universal credit claimant received an advance, Mr Schofield offered no figures and said only that the department was “committed to delivering advances as soon as possible”.

He admitted claimants were experiencing delays in the system but said capacity had been quadrupled and the current average waiting time for registration via the government website was “now less than five minutes”.

Pressed on whether new claimants would have to wait longer than the expected five weeks after the start of their claim to receive their first payment, Mr Schofield reiterated 10,000 staff had been redeployed to help and recruitment is ongoing.

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/p ... 57976.html
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