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universal credit - nhs exemption - Carers UK Forum

universal credit - nhs exemption

All about money

I'm a bit confused and just want to clarify.

According to this website

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/healt ... sal-credit

The £435 and £935 is your earning from a job right not the amount of UC you get? And will they automatically send the nhs card (paper) if you're qualified?


What's in the can ?

Help with health costs if you get Universal Credit

If you're getting Universal Credit (UC), you'll only be entitled to help with health costs if:

you get UC and had no earnings or net earnings up to £435 during the assessment period

you get UC which includes an element for a child and/or limited capability for work or limited capability for work-related activity, and had no earnings or net earnings up to £935 during the assessment period.

If you're entitled to help with health costs, you can get:

free NHS prescriptions
free NHS dental treatment
free wigs and fabric supports
free sight tests
help with travel costs for NHS treatment
help with the cost of glasses and contact lenses

If you were getting UC up until 31 October 2015 and you paid NHS charges for any of the health costs above, you may be able to claim a refund for these costs.

A question of interpretation ?

Want to bounce some figures off us for a definite answer within the above guidance ?

Broken down in case of the second criteria is in doubt ?
Hi Chris,

I'm in the assessment period so don't know how much UC I'm getting yet.

I'm not working, just get carer's allowance at the moment. I assumed those figures are your earnings from a paid job?


Your welcome.

Earnings ?

I read that as both paid and from self employment ( Although I would not use that word in this context. )

Doesn't help in being set out in an ambiguous way ?

A worked example would not have gone amiss ?
There always used to be an exemption on the grounds of low income. Does this still exist?

So if your only income is CA, then you should qualify that way. I seem to remember that if you paid and got a receipt, you could then reclaim the money, until you got an exemption certificate.
CA on it's own is NOT a gateway to NHS exemption.( See link below. )

Only by claiming an income related benefit.

The NHS Low Income scheme is another gateway :

https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/help-w ... cheme-lis/

Many of the larger foodbanks now supply medications that were previously available under free prescriptions :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... scriptions

" Mournin' squire.

What's it going to be today ?

A couple of cans of soup , six kettle's worth on the meter , a reasonable pair of shoes that don't let in water ... or a packet of aspirins for those constant headaches caused by worrying too much over not having enough money ? "

Even CUK took on board our concerns when responding to that Survey.
I hope I didn't confuse things, I wasn't trying to say that if you received CA you AUTOMATICALLY qualified, just that if the ONLY money coming in at the moment was your CA, (and you don't have substantial savings - I missed that bit out) then you should qualify on the grounds of low income.
The worse bit is that many who qualify for free NHS whatever don't even know they do !

All down to information ... how to get it to those who need it ... and assume no Internet access.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... r-it-34379

High time for all charity shops left on the High Street and gp surgeries to follow Trussells policy and have all leaflets available , like a mini library , under one roof ... a one stop information shop ( First muted in 2004 ! ) ... at street level.