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Experiences like these would feature prominately in a fictious sequel to George Orwell's 1984.

Universal Credit ? Also a requisite for universal snooping ? Why waste time searching through numerous sources , cross checking different information , when one source is now right under your nose ?

The Tax Man and the VAT Man share the same information. Strange how certain names don't appear on their computer ... Starbucks , Amazon , Apple , virtually any UK bank , Disney ( What's Donald hiding ? ) etc. etc.

They are left to the Minister in a " Secret Squirrells " type meeting ( In our circles , the norm ? ). Only £ 20 million ? What does one expect if he raises on two pair ? Or throws in a knighthood or two to meet the bet with the Treasury breathing down his neck ?

As for the others sitting at the same table , one has the impression that each have a whole deck up their sleeve to cater for any hand shown by " Our " boy ?

2024 ... Forces of Law and Order now have the power to call on all citizens , at a time of their choosing , to inspect said abode for any signs that the tenants are living beyond their declared income.

Zero hour contracts , no basic income , commission only basis terms of employment. First day of training , the " Gardener in action " .... skills of weeding out and planting ....commission only on results , remember ... a bit like benefit sanctioning ?

Extra can or 2 of baked beans ? Partner had one too many and stayed over ? Sign of goods in boxes for the next car boot sale ? Large plasma tv ? New carpet ? A pedigree dog ? A wheelchair but no sign of any crutches ? etc. etc.

( Author's note ... personal ... Find a West Sham United season ticket ? Instant 10 year stretch ! )

And , always starting at the bottom when searching , working your way up , but conveniently " Forget " those with a declared income of , say , £ 75k or above ?

Same chapter from 2024 : Alongside the phenomenal growth in food banks , construction of new state controlled " Holiday camps " continues at a fair old pace. A Gulag ? No , not the British way old chap ....
Perhaps a Boer or two might disagree ?

Could never happen here , could it ?

Not long a wait , 6 and a bit years .... ?

Meanwhile , in the outside world , the number of tax sheltered / offshore companies continues to rise despite that " slight " setback when the Panama Papers were leaked.

Collective sighs of relief from almost all areas of the Establishment when they learned that their name was missing from the " Tombstone of Shame ? "

For some readers , near experiences of what life might be like in " 2024 " have already occured.

Perhaps even new standard uniforms for all DWP and related sections staff ... the mind really does conjure up some thoughts at times ... and so does history ?

And history has a nasty habit of repeating itself ... ?

Lessons learnt but conveniently forgotten .... in the interests of the nation as a whole ?

Not for the 1 in 4 , possibly 1 in 3 by 2024 ?

2025 ? The first robot came off the production line , and not as designed by Dr. Susan Calvin ( For fellow Isaac Assimov fans ! )... and civilisation as we know it eventually ceased.

For many of the now 7 million+ carers , life went on as usual , what was happening in the outside world didn't encroach on their lives.

LAs now consigned to history ? Hardly any change there for many even now being denied support services or needing a second mortgage for a couple of hours off early six months or so ?

One good result for carers in 2025 ?

Law Lords laid down their Judgement ... " Yes , carers do have rights " ... well one actually not needing enforcement through the legal system first .... The Right to continue to care until they dropped either dead or no longer healthy enough to continue .... PIPs type committees to judge on the latter.

Some sources " Welcomed " this news ... and without qualification.

Others may have different " Visions " ... I wonder just how close some of the above will be to actual reality to be experienced first hand in OUR world ?
Those companies which you mention should be paying a large amount of VAT
The thing is your not wrong Chris many of those things will happen because they have been testing the waters for many years to see just how far they can push us as carers. Unless carers fight back(and they don't seem to be) or if they are it's few and far between...Carers are scared to speak especially politically and often silenced by threat of bad treatment...(silence won't stop the bad treatment either) and really it is time to throw rotten eggs, stand up for ourselves and NOW is a good time and we should just generally refuse to take this C&&P or it's going to get worse and worse...We are already being refused our rights as carers via the system and flogged into submission by a trail of ignoring and service refusing.