Understanding care fees and owning your property

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Thanks Chris, another call to Age Cymru, they were bloody good !!
Where's me 10% commission ?
The type of tenancy is often in the House Deeds stored at Land registry and available for just £2 online (speaking for England, hope Wales is the same). Worth getting just to see who's name(s) it is in. You may need a quick chat with a solicitor to explain it. We've just changed ours from joint tenants to tenants in common via a solicitor and though he'd told me that what it means it was gobbledygook to me :unsure:
Btw it only cost £50 for him to change it but we did both have to have the capacity to agree it.
The danger being that such a change ... to avoid possible care home fees ... could be challenged by an LA.

The Guardian article should cover this point.

Previous thread : https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... ills-34368 ... attracted very little interest at the time.

If not , you know who to ask.

Again ... the forthcoming GREEN PAPER ... changing the whole ball game ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Sat Jun 01, 2019 6:37 pm
The danger being that such a change ... to avoid possible care home fees ... could be challenged by an LA.

This why we have done at the grand ages of 58 and 62 while in good health with no sign of needing care in the foreseeable future (or next 10 or so years, hopefully )
As well as it being mentioned on this forum it was recommended to us separately by both a financial adviser and a solictior , and as part of rewriting our wills and getting PoAs in place

(Yes we are finally doing what this forum has recommended to most people - after 3 years of membership!...prompted by hubbys retirement and the fact our previous wills were over 20 years old. The solicitor said EVERYONE should review their wills after every birth, every death, every marriage, every change of property in the wider family, so not just if our marriage changes but if any of our beneficiaries does too. We found 10 births, 2 divorces and 2 separations in the intervening 20 years, quite a few of which changed our ideas for our bequests)