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UK Census: the toll of being an unpaid carer - Carers UK Forum

UK Census: the toll of being an unpaid carer

All about money
Approximately 9% of men and 12% of women in England and Wales do it, but it's easy for their work to become invisible to policymakers and statisticians: unpaid care.

A new release from the ONS on Thursday has sought to take a closer look at this work, its growth and most of all, the impact on those who provide it

http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablo ... -economics

link at the bottom of the article for the full data should anyone be interested
Interesting,but I do object to the term "economically inactive."Just because I am not in paid work.
We are not on income support,we pay full council tax.I do not claim free car tax,because I am the only one who drives the car and I am not in receipt of mobility allowance,and it is only supposed to be used for the benefit of a person who is inreceipt of mobility component DLA.I pay tax on petrol,I pay 75p each time I cross our toll bridge which helps pay the men and women who are employed there,I pay VAT on various food and groceries,clothes, shoes etc.I do not have Sky TV,I do not smoke and I very rarely drink alcohol so can't say I help to contribute to those industries.
We have a dog, so we help to keep the vets practice going and more people employed and I put money into collection boxes for charities which I want to contribute to.
I pay car insurance, house and contents insurance so again, helping to keep people employed.
My Dad retired at 55. He then did voluntary work and was honorary Curator of our local museum.My mother was also a volunteer at the museum.It was entirely started and run by volunteers at that time and still has mainly volunteers.Does that mean that those people are economically inactive?
I'm not happy with some of these figures. I've run out of paper so can't print them off, and I know I'm tired, but are we really supposed to believe that there are more male carers over 65 than female carers over 65 ? I always thought on average most women married older men, so surely there should be more old women looking after old men, than old men looking after old (but younger than themselves) women? In the majority of cases I know of, usually granny looks after granddad, then when granddad dies, their daughter looks after granny. On the forum, there seem to be far more female than male carers. Pete is caring for his wife Jill; and Sussex cares for his mum; but right now I'm struggling to think of any other male carers who post regularly - and I'm sure Sussex is under 65! Does this just mean male carers don't like our forum? Is this really just an indication of older women looking after even older husbands, with health problems, just getting on with it, and not recognising themselves as the carers they have become?
I'm a male carer in my mid 40's, i care for my dad hes 76.
Scally and George H. are both male Carers.I worked for the first ten years of caring and my husband was the main Carer then for our son( as well as looking after our other two children).
Thanks. I was particularly querying the figures for those over 65.
Oops,obviously too late in the day for me BowlingBun! Scally and George are both under 65,and my husband was in his 30's when he was caring fulltime.