UC Benefit Calculator : Why Not Take It For A Test Drive ???

All about money
Just come across this little " Toy " ... if it works , perhaps a " Sticky ? "

https://www.entitledto.co.uk/help/Calcu ... sal-Credit

Don't lose sight of the UC main thread :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... ings-30601

Anything " Odd " when inputing " Old Money " benefits ???

Any disappeared under UC ???

Please let me know ... either add to this thread or pm me.
Council tax was off by £500 almost (I wish)

Personal stuff was close enough, as working age/not claiming disability for myself, I'm no better off under UC give or take a few pence which it goes up by annually regardless. One would argue with the level of conditionality the new system will bring in (through misinterpretation by staff applying it to claimants) worse off really.

Its going to be a big mess when food banks are faced with scores more of people with dietary/health restrictions on food type/textures.
its going to be a big mess when food banks are faced with scores more of people with dietary/health restrictions on food type/textures.

1.5 million in the last callender year.

When UC eventually covers the UK ... early 2020 ... bookies are offering 3-1 on 2.25 million with the smart money going on the spread upto 2.5 million.

Me ? Straight win bet on 2.5 million + ... with a bonus on every 25,000 above ... easy money ???

One bet I wish I lose but ... almost inevitable .... close to 3 million might be on the cards if growth continues to slow ... and do not discount the prospect of yet another general election before then ... no thanks to Brexit ... with social care almost in total collapse but kept off the radar !

Main foodbank thread :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... ause-27450

Reads now passed 10,700 ... what does that one fact tell any reader ????
Anyone tried the online calculator and found any " Anomalies " yet ?

Self employed and claiming CA ?

As combinations go , 1-2 on with my local bookies for an anomaly ... or two ?
In the absence of a " Stickly " , merely bumping this thread along so that more readers will notice it's existence.
No seems about right give or take a few pence but on a personal note ( what with my current problems with the WFI saga) I notice with interest that carers will not have to attend any interviews at all!!! have I read that right ??? if so perhaps I should transfer to UC.
If you are claiming solely CA , UC will NOT apply.

Work focused interviews ?

Subject of a couple of recent threads.

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... d-activity
Not solely.. income support/housing benefit as well thanks for the thread
In which case , UC will apply with those add ons.


Will also apply ... anyone on IS will be subject to periodic reviews ... " Work ! Work ! Work ! ( The three " Ws " ? ) " ... a slogan embedded in the mindset of the DWP.
Just to get this very useful thread back into the current section in case some readers , now on UC manors as that steamroller has passed through , need it.