Claim for CA and effect on benefits of person I care for

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I am trying to claim CA, but the person I care for is convinced she will lose her benefits, she gets middle rate DLA, guaranteed pension credit, also housing benefit and her council tax paid. She says she has been told she will have to pay her council tax, rent and any expenses incurred in travelling to and from hospital. I really need the carers allowance but in a blind panic she has said I don't do enough hours. Please help.
As I understand it, your caree needs to be in receipt of higher level DLA, and you need to be providing care for a minimum of 35 hours. I have no idea whether or not it impacts the caree's benefits, I don't think it should as it's being paid to you the carer not her.

Others will be along who are more experienced than me. You can also try contacting the CarersUK helpline or email them.

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I was granted the CA but when J,the lady I care for, received a letter saying she could lose benefit, she rang several places and got told, or so she said, that she would lose her benefits. She gets confused easily and keeps saying she gets income support, but as she is 68, she isn't entitled to that.
Can I suggest that you ring/email the Carers UK helpline, they can they email their reply to you, which in turn you can copy for the person concerned. It's not generally understood that you don't have to be providing 35 hours of care, whatever you do for the person in preparation for a visit, or after a visit, also counts - Carers UK can tell you more. Their advice made me £50 a week better off. Sometimes, there is an element of Income Support which is only payable of the person concerned doesn't have anyone caring for them. If you are caring for that person, then you are entitled to CA, it is not up to the person concerned to choose what benefits you get.
The helpline will go through both your benefits - and also your carees, if she so wishes.
Thank you.