Pip assessment?

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Hi I'm a relatively new carer for my father, he has cerrosis of the liver and has very poor mobility and has he's stomache drained regularly up to 12 litres at a time, he did have lodgers but I had to get rid of them and move in along with my partner and three children, it has done dad the world of good having us here as he's eating properly and not alone. He can not go out on he's own or be trusted in the kitchen as he's very unsteady on he's feet, he's had a nasty fall that ended up with a weeks stay and sugery as he cut he arteries on glass, and had falls around the town which ended up in hospital too, so going out alone is not an option really anymore. Tomorrow we have our pip assessment and I'm feeling nervous about it I'm not sure why but I am worrying, can anyone tell me what it's like please and what to expect? Thank you Jess :)
I read you post the day after you had attended. May I ask how did you get on.
Hi Jessica, welcome to the forum. I think your post must have ended up in some sort of electronic black hole, as I've only just seen it. Can I ask how old dad is, what support dad has at the moment, and where he lives? Are you aware of "NHS Continuing Healthcare" for those with very serious health problems? It's a bit of a postcode lottery, but worth applying for, your GP can arrange an assessment.