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Transport for disabled child to carers home - Carers UK Forum

Transport for disabled child to carers home

All about money
Hi All
My grandson is at present getting one night per week rest bite but his parent has been advised that for it to continue the carer has to be put on my daughters mobility insurance and we must pay as the carer does not have a wheelchair accessible vehicle and for my daughter to be added onto the carers insurance to drive her car also at my daughters expense if my daughter won't pay for both insurances she will lose her one night respite does anyone know what right we have to respite and are we forced to pay
Thanks Tony
I would ring Social Services and ask them to arrange for a wheelchair accessible taxi to be used. This should be part of the respite arrangements, which they should pay for!!!
Surely it depends whose mobility payments pay for the wheelchair accessible vehicle. If the car is paid for from your grandson's mobility component of the DLA/PIP payment then the car needs to be available for his use. It isn't his mother's to use as she wishes but needs to be available for his use at all times. Consequently surely it is logical that anyone who is caring for the grandson has access to his mobility vehicle.
We found that adding an extra person to the motability insurance didn't cost anything provided they were over 25. However should it cost then presumably this should come out of your grandson's DLA/PIP as that is what it is for - extra money for extra costs due to his disability.Do watch the restrictions about the distance away that the person can live & drive the car, you may need to ring up to discuss that.
However, if the car is a family vehicle and not paid for from any of the grandson's benefits then I agree that a wheelchair accessible taxi should be made available & paid for. Who pays is another point - should it come out of the grandson's mobility amount of DLA/PIP? Again the mobility award is there to pay for extra transport costs due to disability.
Reading this again, it's completely unreasonable to expect the carer and the daughter to effectively swop cars. How does daughter know the carers care is OK to drive, for example? I would refuse if I was her. If it's only one night a week, surely the carer doesn't need access to any transport to care?
Tony, how old is your grandson?

Is there any reason why the pzrents cannot drive the child to and from respite themseves. That's what I always did.