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Tory Lord Freud facing calls to quit - Carers UK Forum

Tory Lord Freud facing calls to quit

All about money
Tory Lord Freud facing calls to quit after suggesting some disabled workers not worth "the full wage"

http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/to ... ls-4441910

Just don't have the words that i can say :sick:
I have just seen this on the news whilst he is said to have been simply thinking out loud re disabled people I would say that the gov has made it perfectly clear as to whether or not carers are worth the minimum wage
I have merged these two topics as they deal with the same subject.

The Minister concerned has, apparently, apologised unreservedly for his remarks.
re Lord Freuds statement that some disabled people should work for less then £2 an hour . The tory party have closed ranks and have claimed that every single person that works is entitled to and is paid the minimum wage of just over £6 an hour may i remind the likes of Cameron who said during P.M.Q`s that he did not need to be lectured to when it comes to caring for the disabled I wonder if he is fully aware of the carers allowance we "WORK" for a minimum of 35 hours per week in return for an allowance which is just £61 per week somewhat less then the £2 an hour that his welfare reform minister Lord Freud has said the disabled should be prepared to work for our politicians need to know just how much we as carers of the disabled are paid for looking after them .Lord Freud can claim expenses for his "work" within the house of lords of about £300 per day £60 more then a carer works for in a month..

http://www.itv.com/news/2014-10-15/labo ... imum-wage/
I find it amusing that there are always "apologies " after some politician has put their foot in it, personally I think that these are the moments when we see the real mindset in action.

"I care passionately about disabled people. I am proud to have played a full part in a Government that is fully committed to helping disabled people overcome the many barriers they face in finding employment."

"I care passionately about disabled people."

Sure he does. As long as they don't expect a decent living wage..
And don't forget those who are forced onto those work programmes, work for there jsa.
Usually when I hear something outrageous an argument immediately springs into my mind but this genuinely left me utterly speechless. I think what I find more astonishing than the fact he has this view is that he felt it was perfectly okay to say it in public?
I saw this on the news last night; I could not believe my ears!!!

Imagine if he’s said black/catholic/muslim workers were not worth £2 per hour pay?
His feet wouldn’t have touched the ground. Yet he felt free to say this about disabled people.

Of course, he has fulsomely apologised since. But to quote the immortal words of good time girl Mandy Rice Davies, when a Politician denied carnal knowledge of her during a trial:

“Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he!”

Lord Fraud (and no, that is not a Freudian slip) also referred to disabled/ill people as ‘stock.’
The following is a transcript from Hansard of a debate in the House of Lords.

Lord Howarth of Newport (Labour): I wonder whether the Minister would reconsider the language habitually used by DWP. When he talks of a stockpile he is referring to human beings in very anxious circumstances who are waiting for their cases to be considered. Does not this language rather dehumanise them?

Freud (Conservative):The noble Lord makes the same point as JRR Tolkien, who did not think that “growth” was the right way to refer to hobbits at Bilbo Baggins’s birthday party. If the noble Lord can think of a better word than stockpile, I will happily use it. I cannot think of one off the top of my head. If the noble Lord finds that offensive-

Lord Touhig (Labour): Does the Minister think that “people” is a good word?

That says it all, really.

http://www.change.org/p/sack-lord-freud ... nimum-wage
I.too, was flabberghasted when I heard the words coming out of Lord Freuds mouth - made me feel as if we had taken so many steps back towards the Victorian era!

I was still reeling from David Rendall's comments after Barbara Keeley spoke on her 10-minute bill in the Commons regarding exemption from the bedroom tax for Carers - Rendall used the words "...something for nothing culture..." Made me feel quite angry, Is that how the Tor's really view those of us who are Carers? That we actually get something for doing nothing? That the care, support and hard work we put in for over 35 hours a week is nothing? How many people within the health and social care sector would work for 35+ hours a week and not get paid? Many of us, who are unpaid Carers for our loved ones do not get paid a penny for the dedication we give in our roles.

How many MP's would actually be able to spend a month doing exactly what we do without getting paid a penny for the effort, time & work? Plus they would have to live on very tight budgets, go without a lot of their 'luxuries', etc.

It's all very well David Cameron declaring that he doesn't need to be lectured on caring for a disabled person but with all due respect his situation was so totally different from the situations that so many of us live with.
I speak for no one but myself, but I was totally sickened by a) Cameron blustering and bluffing regarding Lord Fraud during PMQT and b) using the memory of his dead son as nothing more than a human shield Image

Every time someone challenges him on how the condem’s are treating the ill/disabled, all he does is say, “How dare you… I had a disabled son…Image

I, for one, do not believe it because a) he would not shroud wave him, and b) He would be on the parapets defending his son against Lord Fraud.

I see none of that happening.

Also, if an employer does not see fit to pay you the NMW; isn’t that then proof that you cannot work?

Methinks Lord Fraud, and his cronies, want to eat have their cake and eat it.

So, which is it??