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Time off? - Carers UK Forum

Time off?

All about money
Hi,Am I allowed a break? As my Gp s Surgery said it was a one off payment.I don't want to spend the night away but would like to have say a few spa days.with a friend for company.I would get some one to care for my Hubby.I am on a tight income.I realise money is tight for the nuts.But I feel utterly exhausted & at times my Anxiety levels are high.Sorry to moan.regards Amanda H
Hi AH ... pleased to see you back.

Same answer as in 2017 ... a Carers Assessment the first step :

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... assessment

Even more so since 2017 ... a forum health warning ... waiting time ... a real post code lottery.

In addition , what's available on paper may NOT be available in reality.

Threads / postings galaore on that issue ... today , it really is a case of cut ... cut again ... and , when that's finished ,
cut through the bone.

( Moaning ? This is CarerLand .... to be expected ... laughing however ... a loss of rations ! )
Hi Thank you for your reply.I will not have an assessment as I have reflexology funded twice a month & don't want to loose this.So I will plead with my GPS surgery & see if they can support a break break for a day out or two half days.After all the time I spend caring.Its utterly disgusting. Regards Amanda
Your welcome.

Even with a minimal level of support , that maybe in jepody on the next review.

To suggest it's tough out there , is one of the best understatements I've made so far this year.

TOXIC ... is a word I prefer to use.
]i know it's toxic I am beyond exhausted not sleeping well, but who cares? ? The who system is wrong needs to be 're camped.It really annoys me.