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The treatment of disabled people gets worse - does it? -Carers UK Forum

The treatment of disabled people gets worse - does it?

All about money
Yet, amid all the discussion of diversity and self-congratulatory talk of tolerance, one minority remains stuck in the shadows of society. Indeed, many members would argue that their life is getting worse, with hostility growing.

These are people with disabilities, a group growing fast in our ageing society
http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/com ... 24644.html
That was a good article and I totally agree with it however I wonder how many able bodied read it
It's all relative, isn't it. 100 years ago disabled people had no NHS medical care and ended up in workhouses or asylums. Still think things are getting worse?
but there are some people in the country that would like a return to the good old days .
No they don't end up in workhouses or asylims - just stuck in their own homes with no care and no support. Also very poor to non existent NHS support as per my son when in hospital with pneomonia.

Medical care, nutrition, social and housing conditions were so bad in those days that few people with major chronic illness survived. My grandad had rickets from malnutrition as a child, probably saved his life in WW1 though because he was too short to see over the trench so was givern a job looking after the horses instead.
Except we grew beyond that, Scally, and actually entered the 21st Century with promises of new rights and support to ensure that disabled people can play a full part in society.

And the current government decided that not only was that too expensive, but disabled people were not really disabled at all. And told everyone. And it became ok for drunks to threaten my son with a bottle, for idiot religious zealots to spit at him, for moronic kids to throw eggs at him. Police interest? Virtually nil.

When he had a meltdown in a supermarket, though, the police were more than interested in "sorting him out".
this week in our county there was an autistic young man,who was attacked in a similar way in the street Charles.Ignorant thugs taking photos while others tormented him.
Two young people a week are dying in England due to one chronic illness, Type 1 Diabetes.Diabetes UK also feel it is probably a lot higher because they are often just recorded as "natural causes." The investigation was only done in England, don't know the death rates for Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. And the young people come from all over the spectrum in Society. (the daughter of an MP and the son of a paramedic are just two I have come across).USA,Australia and New Zealand are another three countries with high death rates of youngsters due to Type 1 Diabetes.
I think I have seen that rickets is making a comeback,isn't it?
Sadly, I can see a big change in attitudes towards disabled people over the last few years.Tolerance seems to be zero. Except for the pathetic views of people who look at me son and say,"bless him, Downs are so loving aren't they?" Grrrrrrr!
I hate that LazyD, my Sarah can be loving but she can be stubborn, nasty and kick off!
Haha, Ben too. He loves football and supports Man Utd,but HATES Chelsea, so much that we have to call it,the "C word!" Can't even say Chelsea buns,Chelsea pensioners or the Chelsea flower show without him losing his temper!