Called in for "Work Focused interview"

All about money
Bit worried here.
I've been called in for a "work focused interview" to the local jobcentre. I've been a carer for my wife for 3 years. She has a degenerative illness and wont get better.
Can anyone tell me what they're up to?
Will they try and put me on one of their slave labour schemes? (workfare)

Many thanks

Are you receiving Carer's Allowance? If so, there's nothing to worry about, but you still need to attend the interview.
Hubby got called in for a work related interview after he failed the ESA criteria for the support group. The lady who did the interview was lovely. I think they are used to having to pick up the pieces after DWP Image So, like bowlingbun says, dont worry, but you do need to go.
Well according to the lady who phoned us from the DWP re ATOS being happy with what they read on Trish in the form we filled in a few weeks ago she mentioned that i might receive a back to work letter and if so all i have to do is ring the number on the letter and tell em im a fulltime carer and that should be the end of the matter.
I would be very interested to know if you don't need to goto the WFI by just phoning and telling them your a carer, not had one myself since i been claiming CA but i got one when i started claiming JSA for a small time untill i got AA sorted for my dad.