Student claiming CA

All about money
My mother, son & I care for my father who is on Attendance Allowance, as my father is needing more help my son is sometimes sleeping there to assist my mother. My son is 18 and at college doing A levels the course will end in June then depending on results he will either go to Uni or look for a full time job in September. At the moment I work part time & spend my days off caring & also use a lot of my leave on hospital appointments & staying with Dad while my mother has a break.
When my sons course finishes in June can he claim CA until he starts work/Uni.
He has a part time job (8 hours/wk) & has been offered my hours but if he could do more of the running around for my dad it would take the pressure of me.
Thanks for any info
I think the best thing you can do is ring Carers allowance and ask them, at least then you will get the right answers! I think my friends daughter claimed CA for her brother when she was at Uni
Thanks i will give them a ring