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Taking Appointee from local authority - Carers UK Forum

Taking Appointee from local authority

All about money
My friend that I care for had appointeeship of his money allocated to the local social services. This has led to a number of issues and I am now ready to apply to be appointee myself.

However, the internet is awash with conflicting information and google has left me no better off. I was wondering; would anybody be able to enlighten me as to how to go about making it so that the social are no long appointees and I/we are?

Any help appreciated Image Thanks.
we having same problem with a friend of ours he under social services and local council take over his money and he not happy we even sought legal advice and was a waste of time maybe seek legal advice or see cab it is a long battle to get someone out of an appointiship maybe local court or county court can help and advise also speak with your friends gp and explain what your friend wants we have had problems with social services and our friends money help your friend to put it it writing what he wants also and attend a meeting with them what we got advised to do was

Help our friend put in writing what he wants
Make him save his money so he can prove to them he can not be daft with money
For us to all work together
Explain he wants flat with partner and support will be not needed
If someone is an "appointee" that means they have been "appointed" by the DWP to handle the benefits of someone unable to do this for themselves, due to disability. The DWP prefer to have an individual rather than an organisation (sometimes referred to as "corporate" appointees). It is easy for a relative to claim back appointeeship from an organisation as long as the DWP are convinced the relative knows what to do. I'm not sure how a non relative could do this though. You need to ask the DWP or have a look at their website, there's bound to be something relevant.
it also depends if social services already claim his money or if your friend gets it and has to hand it over to them like my friend
My friends girlfriend rang dla and they arrange someone to come out to see you and am sure ESA and income support will do same give them a ring they took friends details and said she will have a call in a few weeks