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Support Fund

All about money
Hi everyone. I once accessed the carer's fund and got £500 of Spa vouchers. I'm looking into accessing it again; any ideas or thoughts what I can apply for? What have you all claimed for? I can't actually remember the proper name for the fund, it is the Take a Break service?
Hasn't anybody accessed it? I spoke with my coordinator yesterday and she said people get cinema/theatre tickets, cookery courses etc anything to help give you the ability for a bit of TLC
I think the name varies according to where you live Kim - and, in some areas (like mine), it doesn't exist at all !

But if it's available - go for it :) Anything that helps you get some 'me' time has tobe worth it :)

If it had been available round here when I was caring I'd probably have used it to fund an Adult Learning course of some kind - maybe painting / art history; a course of Pilates lessons or some pampering sessions.
Hi Where abouts in the uk are you? For an eg I am in surrey. I am lead to believe that we only get a 1 off payment for a carers break/holiday. Regards amandah
I have not have heard of a carers fund ? I will investigate this further :)
I was rather shocked to be offered a one off payment for a break for my fiancée and I when I contacted my local carers group for some extra support with some legal issues. I was told that there was an amount available every year for such relief breaks. I've a feeling that it was around £300 which we used for a weekend break.
Thanks folks :) I live in County Durham. I accessed the fund in Gateshead before I moved through Cross Roads, a support service for carers. When I moved to Durham and contacted the local carers group, I was told I could access it annually. I didn't last year as never decided what I'd want to use it for. David, I had a carers assessment through my local carers support and then was informed of the funding :)
Hi Kim
I have not had a carers assessment as im unsure if its means tested ? I still work full time and i think my income may affect such things
I really need to explore these things more
Thanks anyway Kim :)
David - a Carers Assessment is carried out to assess what help and support YOU need to allow you to continue caring; it is not the same as Carers Allowance which is a benefit you can claim if you are caring for 35+ hours per week and earn less that £100 per week.

Have a look here for more information on Carers Assessments
http://www.nhs.uk/CarersDirect/guide/as ... ments.aspx

and here for more information on Carers Allowance
Thanks Susieq
I wasnt aware of the assessments. I wrongly assumed they were linked to the benefits which we are not entitled to
I will look closely at that info..... :)