All about money
I got news today that my son is to be moved to the support group of ESA. He has been on the work related group for 3 years, he has not been called for another assessment in that time, and has only been called to the job centre once.

I was getting somewhat stressed over another assessment and having to try and get him there.

Now all I have to stress over is whether or not he can go to college next year and continue his music. He is unlikely to be able to pass the level one functional skills exams which is one of the things he needs to do to progress to level 2 music. His tutor is trying to get funding for a slightly different course, but as he is 19 now there is a question mark over whether it can be funded anyway-something about recent government changes.
I will have to apply for Sarahs esa when shes 20 and I am dreading it! I am glad your sons been moved onto the correct group, I honestly don't understand it all
brilliant news!