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Starting back work/Carers Allowance - Carers UK Forum

Starting back work/Carers Allowance

All about money
Hi everyone
I currently receive Carers Allowance for my disabled child.

I have been offered a fantastic part time job which will take me around £40 over the allowed weekly income of £102. I would need to pay someone to watch my child for a few hours whilst both myself and my husband are at work but it would need to be a family member of friend because I wouldn't trust anyone else.

I don't receive any means tested benefits as my husbands salary is over the amount allowed for this so no Carers Premium, and I wouldn't receive Working Tax Credits etc....

I don't know if I want to work 21 hours a week for and extra £80 some of which would need to go on childcare. I would loose my Carers Allowance.

I really want to get back to work and contribute something more to society though and it seems like a great company who would give me time off when required etc....

I know I could pay into a pension scheme and half of that would be taken into account as a deduction but thank means I would need to pay in over £80 a week. This would make working not worth my while atall.

Re the rule about having someone else be paid for watching your child or the person you care for. Does this have an affect on their benefits. The Carers Allowance form asks for their name and address but not NI number etc... it still leaves me with a problem as I would only trust close relatives.

Any advice of ways round this dilemma would be very much appreciated.

So disappointed that it looks like I can't accept this job :cry:
Don't decide anything until Scally has given you some advice. He knows how to work and still get CA within the rules. He usually pops into the forum late evening.