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Spending more money on food

All about money
Dear all, has anyone else been spending more money on food due to covid? The reason I am asking, a few shops I go to do shopping, I am finding that fresh items, like meat or bread are going off either before the date they are due out or already turning to go off or not right at all! I am finding in some cases I am spending more on the weekly shop than before as prices have gone up but the quality of product has gotten worst. I have complained to the shop, they have either given me my money back but also replacement food. That is ok up to a point but I still believe it is unfair to any of us that try's to keep to a budget as funds are need else where.
Hi Michael, that's interesting because recently I did an online shop from one of the main supermarkets. I had requested semi skimmed milk but they told me they hadn't got any. My replacement was 6 bottles of skimmed milk - every bottle was 'off' and had curdled. When I poured the milk into my tea there were solid chunks floating about! It was horrible. According to the date on the milk it was supposedly drinkable for another week!! I guess it had not been stored in a refrigerator on site but left at room temperature for many hours.
I managed to find a phone number and complained about what had happened and my money was refunded.
Hi Michael,

Similar problems here with items not being available. Never know what will /won’t be available so end up buying things in case aren’t available the next week.

Also fruit in particular not good quality even when still in date.

I’m putting it down to delays in transporting.

Not good is it.


PS food more expensive too.
Covid is partly to blame, but also Brexit has caused so many problems with new import/export regulations as so much of what we buy in our supermarkets originates from or is manufactured in the EU :( Suppliers are being forced to increase their prices to take account of their increased costs caused by the new regulations and new taxes :(

A lot of items I used to buy regularly are either no longer available or are regularly in short supply so like Melly1 I'm tending to buy certain items as and when I see them even if I don't immediately need them !
In my area the green bin collection service was cancelled for a month due to lack of contract HGV drivers. They have been asking excessive rates of pay due to shortage and supermarkets are cleaning up all available drivers leaving non for the local authority at an affordable price. I suspect the covid pings have been keeping hgv drivers off work reusulting in some dodgy food storage going on.