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Carer's Allowance and earned income

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Hi all,

I am new here so hello to everyone! I am currently a carer for my son but am considering having a break from caring (stress playing a huge part at the moment) and my husband is looking at leaving work to take over for a while. He has an unemployment cover policy that covers him if he leaves work to become a carer and would have to be in receipt of carer's allowance for this to be allowed. I am confused by the rules around income and what is counted. Presumably the insurance policy would not be counted as earned income (it would pay out way more than £110 per week) and he would still be able to claim the carer's allowance - has anyone got any experience of this?
Many TIA

Welcome to the forum. How old is your son? The insurance policy sounds great. I suggest youring the Carers UK helpline as it's a very unusual, but fortunate, situation.

He is 8, nearly 9. He has Autism and ADHD and can be a "handful"! It's a funny one isn't it? I am wary of the rules and don't want to break any by mistake lol!

My son is 36, very hyperactive as a child. So, so tiring. Have you claimed DLA for it, or it's newer replacement. My son has care and mobility components.

I already receive DLA for him at higher rate care and low rate mobility. Really he is a high rate mobility case but it's so draining to try to prove it to them and I am just not in the right mental state to ask them to look at it again - I tried it the last time and was so offended by their comments that I kind of just took it :(

Have you ever seen a copy of the Disability Alliance Benefits Handbook? I saw a copy (now a few years old) which outlined the "buzz words" you need to use. It defined "restraint" which was really interesting. With that information, I was able to make a successful claim, so DLA was awarded for life - only now we have to make a fresh application for PIP!?
Insurance policy payments, like other 'unearned' income such as investments and occupational pensions, do not count as income for CA purposes.