My 18 year old daughter has severe developmental delay and is in a wheelchair. We are looking at getting a notability wheelchair accessible vehicle for her using her DLA, but the problem we have is that for the WAV's the advanced payment is very high. Now I know Motability will give financial assistance on this, but they will only take into account her needs.

BUT, as well as my daughter we have 2 other children and my wife does not drive. So notability want to get a small WAV, but we need one that will seat all 5 of us, as well as be able to take luggage when we go on holiday.

So either,

1. How do I convince notability that we need something large enough to take all of us, and something the size of a Renault Kangoo will not do

2. Are there any other organisations that will give grants towards the advance payment?

Any help would be gratefully received as from my searches so far it seems that no one has an answer for this.