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Should I be paying toward motability car? Advice please :) - Carers UK Forum

Should I be paying toward motability car? Advice please :)

All about money
I'm not entirely sure I'm posting this in the right forum (still quite new here!); but I'm slightly concerned that I'm being taken for a little bit of a mug here... I care full time for my mum and so I only receive the pittance that is CA, and income support (as I can't work due to how ill mum is). Since neither of us has a car, but I have to take my brother to school, and do various other errands on her behalf we decided it'd be best to get a motability car. The car is roughly £200 a month, but I have to give my mum £100 a month toward it- despite the car only being for her needs (it's extremely rare that I will use the car for just myself). Considering that I only get around £240 a month in CA, and am left with only £140 after paying for mums car, I feel a little mugged off..? Should I be paying toward her motability car? Besides my CA, I only receive about £90 every two weeks for income support, which barely covers the debt I've incurred after leaving university and my job to be a carer.
Thank you!
To be only fair, the private domestic arrangements between family members for 'who pays for what' are entirely up to you to negotiate - hopefully amicably. I would guess you have to take into account all the major bills, - housing costs, community charges, power and fuel, food and repair costs - and if your mum is paying for all these rather than splitting them all equitably then it doesn't seem unreasonable that you should help out the family budget a bit in some way?
Hi, thank you for the reply.
Yes, sorry I should have stated that this doesn't include what I pay as board/fuel costs/shopping/bills etc. I do pay for these things separately.
I see, so basically it's at the discretion of the caree/mutually agreed between carer & caree. Thank you for your help.
Yes, what happens in the home is a private matter, but if she is in receipt of Mobility at the Higher rate then she is getting £55.25 a week already from the government - intended to help with the car - and if you are already paying your whack for the bills then it does seem rather unfair to me.
I really can't believe your mum expects you to contribute towards HER car to take HER son to school and do errands for HER. I'm sure if you went to university you were quite capable of managing your own life without a car? How is it costing £200 per month anyhow? Sorry, but I think that you are being well and truly taken advantage of here. Yes, you should contribute towards the family housekeeping, but if you are on IS I don't think that the costs included should cover Council Tax. Are you sure mum is getting every single benefit she is entitled to? If she is getting the care component of DLA, does she give YOU anything from that for the care you are giving her?! Has she had a needs assessment from Social Services, and you a Carers Assessment? Have SSD offered any help so mum can have the care she needs and you can go to work. I would feel very trapped if I had the qualifications to go to uni but had to stay home to look after mum.
How is it costing £200 per month anyhow?
I can only guess that perhaps the car is a smaller cheaper one that doesn't take the full allowance off you, therefore could be taking only £200 of her full allowance. There are quite a few cars available on Motability that do not take full allowance.

Even so, I do agree with those above, I do not think you should be paying £100 towards the car, a car that is being paid for with her DLA entitlement, a car that you cannot legally use for your own purposes anyway.
Gary has made a significant point - you are not legally allowed to use the car for your own purposes. You can use it to give her lifts and to do things for her - taking her son to school, getting the shopping etc. However if you wanted to go to visit a friend in another town, for example, on your own with no benefit to her you cannot take the car. You would need to pay for your own public transport, hire car etc. This is a pertinent point that you need to bring into your discussions concerning you paying for the car.
Perhaps you need to compare how much time & money it would take to do everything she wishes without the car - bus fares & extra time to take son to school, delivery charge for the shopping, taxi fares to Drs etc etc.You may find that she more than gets her moneys worth on the car or that actually it isn't worth it & you'll go for taxis and public transport.

What private arrangement you make concerning payment for the car is your business but I fail to see why you should pay towards it each month when you cannot use it for your own purposes.