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Caring Allowance and Self Employment - Carers UK Forum

Caring Allowance and Self Employment

All about money
Hi Everyone,
Could anyone please help with my query. I am a full time Carer of my husband and am self employed I have a little crafting business that I run for a few hours as and when I can. I am looking at my allowable expenses am I permitted to pay myself a small wage every week or is this only allowable for an employee as I don’t employ anyone it’s just me.
Any advice would be very appreciated.
Thanks Bev Xx
Hi Toyer / Bev ... welcome to the canteen.

Carers Allowance and self employment ?

A frequent visitor to the forum !

( Internet search ... many forum postings across this and other forums over the years.
MumsNet surprising a rich vein ... so I gather ... not brave enough to enter that domain without protection ! )

To keep the basics simple ... a couple of links to external sites for initial guidance :


https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guid ... -Allowance

£ 120 per week LIMIT ... maximum amount one can earn , employed and / or self employed AND still be eligible for Carers Allowance ... £ 123 from 6 April ( Whoopie ? ).

There are various expenses that can be offset against earnings ... similar to those that satisfy the TaxMan ( HM Revenue
and Customs ) as deductions before the tax due is calculated.

For most a few £'s over the limit , a personal pension plan seems to be a very common route ... excess transfered across
... a definite case of possible jam tomorrow rather than today.

Fun starts if any income related benefits are also claimed ... and whether Universal Credit has been rolled out on your manor.

As a freebie , an Online Benefit Calculator for an instant financial m.o.t. :


Everything out there currently being claimed / any abnormalities revealed ?

Council Tax ... discount / disregard ?

Housing ... if tenant ... social / btl ... housing benefit ?

Caring side ... problems / adequate support / upto date Needs and Carers assessments ?

That's the basics ... feel free to bounce anything else off us here on the forum.