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Respite payments - Carers UK Forum

Respite payments

All about money
Have booked hubby into a Revitalise week in March (currently 50 percent off for the month of March)
have contacted adult care for them to finance this.........🤭 in the meantime I have paid as only
A few weeks to go, so in this instance all the money is due anyway.....last year when asking
if I paid for a holiday will we get money back they tell me “We cannot pay for a holiday retrospectively”
Why not? If the person would have been entitled anyway? (Please be gentle with this term Entitled!)🤭
Good offer like this respite holiday (Places go like hot cakes) ......Brings to the issue of assessment
As we got with a previous Council, allocation was 42 days per year ....This LA seems to not want to
give anything! Without a fight😞As far as we are concerned contacted Adult Care same day as booking
This respite. This LA told me last year to let them know when wanting a break! Respectfully each LA
works differently but should still give respite allowance?🤗
Post code lottery at best !

Also , a North / South divide within that ... as in London , even more stark !

What maybe available last year is not available this year ... plenty on that in the main LA thread.

Would be different if in writing ... something to " Enforce " as a first step ?

Carers assessment ... upto date ?

Anything in that to help your position ?

Internet search ... GRANTS FOR FAMILY CARERS FOR RESPITE CARE ... will reveal some external possiilities ... after
eliminating all those who offer such services ... provided , of course , one has the monies available ... or successfully
applies to one's LA for a grant ... a needle in a haystack job ?

( Earlier this morning , posted in the main LA thread ... 1 in 5 LAs are reducing adult care services. )

Only recently , a rep from Crossroads ( Part of Carers Trust ) posted on the forum offering such a service along these lines.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... vice-36304

In this case , beware of " Charities " bearing gifts ... at a price ?

Suffice to say , respite care ... freely available ... at a price few can afford !

Never decreasing circles.