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New to the boards and somewhat new to caring responsibilities although I deal with my Mother's financial needs.

My partner was sectioned in late November 2017 for 2 weeks after increasing mania symptoms and was diagnosed with Bi-polar. Following discharge he was still slightly hypermanic but from Christmas is in a major depressive phase. He has resisted his diagnosis until very recently and has only just agreed to move from Olanzapine to Lithium treatment - mainly because no-one actually discussed treatments/evidence base etc.

Anyway, he is a self employed theatre technician so as you can imagine he's not able to work currently, although he does have a little 2 hour a week job that he's managed to do even through hospital admission :) . Whilst I earn a good wage, we are now starting to struggle with some unexpected bills. I've logged into his NIC history and there are some gaps in the last two years (since they changed the way NICs were collected as he fell under the income threshold to have to pay NICs. What benefits would it be worth him looking at and is there any organisation who could help - at the moment he is unable to cope with bureaucracy/telephone calls etc.
Hi Sharon ...welcome to the canteen ... no doubt , others will be along to extend their greetings.

Purely on the benefits front , and assuming , being self employed , no insurance cover against " Illness " .... a brief search ... BENEFITS AVAILABLE TO THE SELF EMPLOYED ... reveals a whole host ... the following being of immediate interest : ... f-employed ... -employed/ ... -employed/

Your manor ... on Universal Credit ?

Post code checker :

Some benefits may already be payable ?

Tax credits and housing benefit spring to mind ?

There is an online checker for benefits payable under UC ... no one has reported back on testing it for the self employed :

I trust that the above will be of assistance on the benefits front.

A minefield ... especially if UC is involved ... for the self employed.

Feel free to bounce any " Abnormalities." off us as a first port of call.

It is often the case of having to know half the answer before asking the right question.