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Renting a larger home to provide care - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Renting a larger home to provide care

All about money
Yeah, my Father is currently receiving Housing Benefit and he could easily rent elsewhere and get the rent paid but in the current situation I have no voice, my concerns are totally ignored by my family, especially the landlord and I end up paying for and carrying out repairs myself plus all the decorating, as that’s the easier alternative, while the landlord’s laughing all the way to the bank, bragging that they like to get away twice a year, spend Christmas and New Year in Cyprus and always lease a new Mercedes every 3 years

Social Service said they can’t force the landlord to make adaptions.

The issues with the house are only minor repairs and maintenance which should be addressed but build up over time and the landlord does the bare minimum that’s required.
The kitchen is dated and not practical for modern living, it may of been acceptable & state of art during the 1970’s but limited by today’s standards.
Involving Housing Officers will open a can of worms and what’s to stop the landlord evicting my Father, as a result, whether he would I doubt it but I don’t want to be responsible for such a situation.
Maybe ask Shelter about whether dad can be evicted then?
All Tenants with Short Hold Tenancy Agreements can be evicted at any time; including myself should I rent somewhere larger; landlord‘s hold all the cards.

Rather than attempt resolve the current situation, I’d much prefer to explore the possibilities of renting a larger property, either in my name or in mine and my Fathers name, with myself and my Father living at property together; this way, I will at least have a voice and can correspond with the landlord rather than being totally ignored.

Therefore, I would much prefer to hear from forum members who have done the same whilst in receipt of Benefits.
My concern is that you would then lose your current home and could not return to it after dad dies, and couldn't afford to stay in the new home either. Too many carers have been made homeless by trying to do the right thing and care for parents.
I'm also concerned that moving dad to a new home would make him very confused, and will be extra work for you.
I've been on the forum for many years and cannot ever remember anyone doing what you propose, we can only speak with authority about what we ourselves have done.
There have been a number of people who have owned their homes, and sold up and moved in with parents, or parents have moved in with them, the majority seem to regret doing it, as needs increase rapidly once someone reaches the age of 85.
It's a very difficult situation and ultimately your decision.
Thanks for your response Bowlingbun.

It was just a thought, nothing’s been decided and I’m weighing up the options.

Although my Father is 95 and suffering from dementia, he’s still very much with it and is understanding of conversations; yeah, he gets confused and things have to be repeated but he does eventually understand; well so he says.

My Fathers been unhappy in his home for years, he’s had issues with younger neighbours moving in, and having to endure months of building work; one neighbour has carried out building work every summer for 8 years.

Also, he doesn’t like the issues regarding repairs & the shoddy workmanship, he keeps comparing it to living in his council house; how being able to call the Council and a few days later a Tradesman will turn up.

As for myself, I’ve been looking to move for sometime, I’ve clung onto my flat for far too long because it’s an Housing Association property with a secure Tenancy but it’s just not with keeping anymore; for years the Housing Association has failed to control the Anti Social Behaviour and Drug Use; I’m forever complaining, even to my MP and either nothing comes of my complaints or when a troublesome Tenant is moved on; the same problems occur with the new Tenant and the whole process of complaining starts again, which can take up to 18 months of distribution before a Tenant is finally evicted.

Welcome to the Cannabis using, Social Underclass of Britain.
It’s a shame,; when I first moved in, it was a nice and very well maintained estate with communal gardens.

Asking on this forum, was to acquire knowledge from the experiences of those who have done what I’m thinking; so to help me decide whether it’s an idea worth pursuing.
Hi Dave,

Neither of you sound to be very happy with your existing accommodation, it sounds very grim. I'm so lucky having been brought up on the edge of the New Forest. Even if you don't have much money there is so much you can do.

Have you looked at any letting agencies for something more suitable for you?
Yeah, I look on a regular basis for myself but the next stumbling block is finding a property in a nice area where the landlord accepts residents in receipt of benefits.

My description of mine and my Fathers accommodation sounds much worse than it is.

In my case, due to time spent away from my home, whether saying at my partners home, my Fathers or in and out of Hospital, all makes it tolerable but in the last few years its got much worse and I’m no longer in and out of Hospital since surgery, I’m also single, so staying at my girlfriend’s isn’t an option either.

However, judging by the response from this forum, it does appear, that renting a larger property with my Father; is not the done thing, especially whilst in receipt of benefits.