Hello, I'm a newbie who needs advice on Carer's Allowance

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After an "age" I was granted Carer's Allowance in July 2017. I received the payment and a "timesheet" to record when I was caring for my ASD/LD daughter.
This was the same type of "Timesheet" I'd had to fill in to receive the previous payment. I was told that my second award would be much quicker than it took the first one, as I wouldn't be classed as a new claim, but a Maintenance claim.
My "Timesheet" covered up until the 10th of October. The Carer's Unit received it on the 12th as I'd posted it first class on the previous Sunday.
On Friday the 14th October, I phoned to ask if it had been received and sent to the decision panel. I was told that yes it was received on the 12th, she could see the record on the computer screen, no it hadn't been sent to the Decision panel, it was on the desk beside her. She apologised for the delay, blaming the backlog of new claims for the delay, especially as she could see from my original claim that I am currently not in receipt of any other income. She said I've marked it urgent, carer facing financial difficulties.
It is now 2/11/17 and still I have not received any carer's allowance.
How would you deal with this?
As for other benefits, I haven't enough "Credits" yet to claim.
Ursula, be sure to ring our Carers UK helpline. I'm concerned about your comments concerning "credits". How often are you caring for your daughter? Is she at home with you, or in residential care now?
I suggest that you contact the Carers UK Adviceline team as they are the experts on all matters related to caring and benefits.
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You can also check out the Carers UK Fact Sheet on Carers Allowance here:
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Hello, Thank you for your replies,
I went to C.A.B, who I will be complaining about once I am more composed, I told the receptionist who said "What do you expect us to do. you haven't been waiting that long." "Well not in "their" world you haven't, but if you want to see an advisor, arrive here at 9am tomorrow."
I replied "If I can borrow the bus-fare from someone." She looked at me and said "Where have you travelled from?" I told her, she said "Oh, the problem with the folk who issue benefits, they don't really see the effects of their delays" I said "Exactly" she asked me if I needed a food bank voucher. Which I declined, for now.
I went to Jobcentre Plus. The reception chap was much more helpful :-)
He looked up my claim and could see I'd told him correctly, that I'd had one award, he was puzzled as to why I get awarded for one week and not the other. I explained because she is in the care of her father for one week, me the next.
He said that I should be able to claim income support, but I can only get that while in receipt of Carer's Allowance, which as my current claim has not been awarded, I can't claim it. He said that one option is to try and claim Jobseekers then swap to income support when I'm awarded and ask to backdate.
But I must first ring the Carer's unit to ask what stage is my claim.
I rang the Carer's Unit. to be told that my "priority claim" had not been seen by the Decision Panel yet. I admit I became a little annoyed, I didn't swear, nor was I abusive. I pointed out, that while my "priority claim" sits on a pile, I have no income and can't even claim income support. So he marked the claim as "Urgent" adding it to the "Urgent" pile.....
I wet to Community Law. They didn't have an available advisor but said, this is not acceptable, please pop in next week, he gave me a leaflet of their drop in sessions. So I've decided to not go to CAB, but travel to Community Law next week instead.
Compared to others, I am fortunate, I have enough credit on the electricity and food to last for now.
I suggest you contact your MP. My closest friend used to work for DWP. Apparently when an MP got in touch with them it went to the top of the pile! It's all wrong though that we should have to resort to this just to get what is rightfully ours.
I also think you should contact our CUK helpline about the way your daughter is shared between you, and the implications of that for your benefits. Is her father also claiming benefits?
Hello ,
I do not know if her father claims any benefit.
When I put in my next "claim" I will be her sole carer. So my claim will not have to go to a "Specialist Decision Panel" .
For reasons of Confidentiality, I can't go into more detail regarding her going between myself and her father.
I will keep in mind, your suggestion about involving the MP when I go to Community Law next week.
There was a reason behind my question, so I'll put it another way.
Only one person can claim Carers Allowance for one caree in any one benefit period.
The benefit week for Carers Allowance runs from Sunday to Sunday. So if you care for her Friday and Saturday, that counts as a week (24 hours Saturday, 11 hours Friday - because anything you do for her in advance of her actually coming to you, washing, treavelling, shopping, food prep etc. all counts towards the 35 hours. The same for Sunday (24 hours) and Monday (11 hours). So if you have her over a weekend you can still qualify for two weeks benefits.
Carers UK helpline explained all this to me years ago, it was incredibly helpful. If in doubt, ask them to go through it with you and send you the relevant decision.
If it applies to you, you would therefore be caring every week and then entitled to income related benefit continuously.
Hello BowlingBun,
The CAU decision panel decided to award me from Monday to Sunday on my first claim, even though their calculations were from Sunday to Saturday.
They also said that my daughter wasn't with me for the period of....... Which my "Timesheet" clearly showed that she was and it wasn't a "Change" to the usual.

This claim award is with the Appeals department. I was not given a time on how long it would take the appeal. :-(

I will be taking time this weekend to put all my letters together for the Community Law advisor and let you all know how I got on.

Many thanks for reading and replying with ideas to assist me when I see the advisor. Yesterday I was at the end of my resourcefulness.
When my son was in residential care, coming home every other weekend, we just had a simple "Boarder Payment" form to complete, once Carers UK had helped me that is. I had one of these forms for DLA and another for CA.
It was just a couple of pages when I filled in the dates. Is the form you have completed like this, or are you doing a bigger form each time?
The CUK helpline is brilliant for things like this.

Ive also waited an absolute "age" to receive Carers Allowance. Its ridiculous! People must live off fresh air!
I was at the end of my tether and sent an email to my MP. The very day I received his reply on my doorstep, is the day I received my Carers Allowance and all the back payments due to me.
I was informed that the Carers Unit are currently recruiting more staff to deal with the influx of claims. The letter also gave me the name of a dedicated advisor who I should ask for if I need anymore advice or assistance.

So result! But we shouldnt have to do this just to get the benefits we are entitled to!

My advice....do it anyway it works.

Good luck.